Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Chapter 143

You are now reading Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Chapter 143 online. This is honestly what I and assumingly most people have been waiting for, showing more of God Serena showing off and hopefully a backstory to boot in the next chapter. Dude tanked that Grand Chariot like nothing (while Neinhart got one shot by a GC from a weaker Jellal) !! Thank God that garbage spell didn't end the fight for the 100th time.
Getting some good action between the two this chapter. And an actual mage battle too, not the usual MMA/physical fight bullshit we are used to from the main cast. Had the potential to be the best fight in the arc/spinoff, and looks like that may well be the case if Mashima doesn't fumble. Hopefully, we get to see Abyss Break finally. But maybe not, GS would just eat it since it is made of 4 primary elements. I will wait until next chapter before making any real judgments. So far Jellal has only used 2 attacks during this whole fight and both are basic attacks. I wish we get to see more of his magic rather than the usual attacks such as Meteor and Grand Chariot. I want to see spells like Alterias, Abyss Break, Darkness magic, elemental magic, etc. All of which we know Jellal has. I still don't consider God Serena beyond the other Spriggan at all. Personally, he hasn't shown anything that would rank him above them. Don't mistake Hiro Mashima showing his power off in a good light for him being stronger. When the other spriggan were defeated the had hard counters that defeated them.

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