Read My Hero Academia Chapter 407 Scans

If you are My Hero Academia fans, I’m sure you are searching for My Hero Academia 407. But as we knew, My Hero Academia Chapter 407 Manga will be there on the regular time. Baby AfO was literally vampire. He almost literally "ate" his mother and took away everything that could go to his brother. I knew that AfO is rotten but I would never through that he was like this even in his mothers womb. Poor Yoichi, he had to suffer for his whole life and even before his life officially began. It's complete miracle that AfO didn't ate his brother when they were still developing inside their mom. 

But that's interesting, technically AfO and Yoichi were first quirk users before official first one was born. That also explain how come AfO dosen't losing quirks despit getting younger and younger. He was stealing quirks of others right away after he was born and his poor mother he sucked dry was his first victim. I'm actually really surprised that he was feeding Yoichi instead of hoarding food for himself if AfO always had such strong desire to have everything in this world. Well, I guess that is one good thing about this twisted desire of his. AfOs desire to own everything was strong enough to make him keep his brother alive by sharing his food and things with him. There is one more thing: Who gave them names? Or they never had ones and named themselfs on their own? Though I can bet my life that AfO gave his brother name but when he was set free by Kudo he changed it to Yoichi.

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