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One Piece Vol:105 Chapter 1077 - 2023 Issue 15

The title of One Piece Chapter 1077, “You Should Have Realized That Sooner”, serves as a direct warning to the imposter currently on Eggland Island, as their true identity may soon be exposed. It's possible that we've had our eyes on them since the beginning. Subscribe to MangaRoyale today and instantly read one piece 1077 scans online! Find free manga chapters one piece and many more. As Zoro teams up with Kaku in an unexpected alliance, they face off against a new Seraphim who possesses abilities similar to Zoro's former foe, King. During the Wano arc, Zoro battled King, a Lunarian who served under Kaido. It was revealed that King belonged to an ancient race called the Lunarians, who have distinctive features such as tanned skin, black wings, and white hair. Zoro is taken aback by the similarities between King and this new opponent.
This revelation also suggests that Vegapunk has successfully replicated a Seraphim from an ancient race that has been extinct for many years. This opens up the possibility of encountering new variations of Seraphims with even more surprising abilities! Meanwhile, the other members of the Straw Hat crew are engaged in battle with the Seraphims alongside the Vegapunk models. Lilith Vegapunk faces off against S-Snake, the Boa Hancock Seraphim, using her bubble gun as before. However, S-Snake manages to evade the attack and retaliates with her Mero Mero Mellow beam, which Lilith narrowly avoids. Unfortunately, Usopp, who is standing behind her, is turned to stone. This development may indicate that the Straw Hats will have to remain on Egghead Island until Kizaru and his troops arrive, and that turning Usopp to stone was a deliberate attempt to delay their progress. As the chapter draws to a close, Shaka is suddenly attacked by an unknown assailant who shoots something at his head, causing it to explode. The fate of Shaka remains uncertain, and the reader must wait for the next chapter to learn more.

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