Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 401 - The Lunatic

The my hero academia 401 chapter begins with a flashback of Stain flying to AM and AFO's fight with his glider. He deduced what was going on from the conversation between All Might, Ingenium and the "scar kid". The closer he got, the more debris and trails of blood he saw. He wasn't sure if the blood was All Might's or AFO's, so he decided to smell it and, since he knows All Might's smell from Kamino, he confirmed that it wasn't his. Cut back to the present and Stain wonders if All Might has understood the meaning of his own existence. Stain said all that in Kamino because he wanted AM to value his own life and continue to fight death, and All Might says he got it. The two go for an attack and Stain does his own version of "I am here", but it's useless. (All Might's is "watashi ga kita", Stain's is "ore ga kita") AFO uses "forced activation" + "phlebotomy".
This combo of quirks causes AFO's blood to leave his body and splash around. AFO says he knew Stain would try to do something against him, since he was the only one to leave Tartarus on his own, so he came up with a plan. Stain says he just has to lick the blood again, but AFO also used "antigen modification" to change his blood's composition. Fleeing without leaving evidences is how he stayed in the shadows for all these years, after all. A mouth then comes out of his back and bites Stain. Stain is bleeding and AFO mocks him, saying that taking off his own blood and replacing it has made him cool down. AM shouts Stain's name, but AFO throws him several blocks away and then flies off. Stain is knocked down in a game center and AFO is going to steal his quirk. AFO then turns around to attack All Might too, but Hercules comes to protect him. All Might was sure that the car had already been entirely destroyed, but there were still a few pieces left. It also tells All Might to live and gets destroyed by All For One's laser. The next page shows All Might lying on the ground as Nana tells him to get up. He also sees Nighteye and understands that they're just illusions, it's his body trying to encourage him. He already lost all his support items and his legs aren't moving, but... "I'm not dead yet! Come over here!" All Might is covered in blood and crawling on the ground, but he's still smiling. The last page shows AFO watching the falling U.A. as the cops say that he has gotten close enough to Shigaraki, he can now use the goo teleport quirk.

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