Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest Chapter 142

Their Goals is the 142nd chapter of Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest by Hiro Mashima and Atsuo Ueda, a sequel to Fairy Tail. I think the Signario Sisters and Serena will be nerfed bcs it looks like Saber will get the philosopher stone before they even show their battles. They will use separation enchantment to bring out Viernes who will most likely not be at full strength and it will cut the power of Duke's transmutations aka the Signario Sisters and Serena. The disastrous shame of the nefarious puppets who were defeated by a weakened Brandish is confirmed. The truth is that I'm not interested in Athena vs Athena. Natsu vs Duke may be more interesting, since Natsu is angry and if he should see Duke as a real threat similar to Aldoron. If there was logic, then Duke creates Gildarts + Laxus + Mirajane and has them fight at the same time or even spam the whitening and takes away Natsu's magic, which he could have already done while he was facing Athena, but there is no logical in this case apparently. I'm looking forward to seeing Erza vs Signario Sisters. Also Jellal vs God Serena.
I think Saber will get the Philosopher's Stone when Fairy Tail defeats these enemies. So Saber found the NPC who gave them the information to find the alchemist who can, can be created the stone and it took them very little time, only 3 guilds. Iruha is definitely going to be Duke's rival in terms of talent, the number 2 alchemist. Elsefira who teleports Athena, right at the right time and in the right place, what luck. Of all the clothes that Gray could give, he gives his boxers Erza and Jellal haven't started their fight, I think Gray and Lucy will join Natsu and Athena. Natsu says Duke is a cheater but he didn't talk about a fair fight. Duke is stupid, he could use the white veil to steal Natsu's magic directly, but no, he wants Athena to beat him up first, that's stupid. So Athena arrives but nothing should change, Wendy is still a hostage and well Athena 2 is supposed to be stronger than Athena.

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