Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 237 Manga

The new Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 237 Online is out, Hakari initiates an attack against Uraume, driven by an unbreakable promise that compels him to eliminate Uraume. He unleashes his domain, and Uraume counters with the activation of 'Ice Formation.' Despite Uraume being ensnared within Hakari's domain, an icy boulder continues its descent. Suddenly, the ice boulder evaporates, catching Kashimo's attention, revealing its true purpose – to deliver an object to Sukuna. This object is none other than the Cursed Weapon known as "Kamutoke," painstakingly crafted by Yorozu in exchange for a binding vow of death.

Sukuna harnesses the power of "Kamutoke" to unleash an electrifying attack on Kashimo, reminiscing about past times. Kashimo, wielding his staff, attempts to strike Sukuna, but Sukuna expertly blocks the attack with his weapon. Kashimo questions Sukuna about his origins, pondering how he interacted with others and whether he possessed weaknesses or showed mercy. Kashimo admits his own inability in these regards, seeing humanity as insignificant.

Coincidentally, Kashimo's cursed energy renders him resistant to electricity. He inquires of Sukuna whether true strength lies in becoming the strongest or being born as such. Kashimo implores Sukuna to impart his wisdom on whether strength entails solitude or finding a proper outlet for one's power – a kind of punishment for the strong.

Kashimo steps back and invokes his Cursed Technique, known as "Genju Kohasaku," which translates to something akin to 'Phantom Beast Amber.' Empowered by his Cursed Technique, Kashimo lands another formidable blow. His technique enhances his agility, and the unleashed waves have the capacity to vaporize anything they touch. However, this transformation takes a toll on Kashimo's physical form, and once his Cursed Technique subsides, his body will suffer the consequences.

Following a successful punch to Sukuna's face, Kashimo prepares a breath-type attack and directs it at Sukuna. The narrator explains that Kashimo's Cursed Technique allows his body to adapt to any attack originating from his cursed energy.

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