Boku no Hero Academia 403: The End Of An Era And The Beginning

The chapter begins with kid All Might reading the Anpanman manga with his mom, saying that his childhood was very normal. It's not even something that can be called a proper "origin". But he always looked back and saw that the path he chose was very important. Cuts back to the present and AFO is laughing, saying that AM won't get to choose how he dies. He destroyed the gauntlet using the spikes before it exploded and used Stain's quirk to paralyze AM. AFO knows that wounded heroes are dangerous, so he didn't let his guard down.
Now that U.A. is floating, Gentle wants to go and help All Might, but AFO shoots a laser at it, forcing Gentle to stay there holding the school. The pilots also try to help with their jets, saying they won't let Star's idol die, but All For One quickly destroys them all. Agpar feels hopeless. Deku and Tsukauchi also start to freak out when AFO holds All Might in his arms. The next page shows several people around the world watching the battle: some are rooting for All Might, but several have already given up. Melissa and Gran Torino (who's watching from the hospital) are crying. All Might has a desperate look on his face. Deku doesn't know what to do. Tsukauchi begins to pray. Someone, please help All Might. Someone... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Deku looks at U.A and sees Bakugou. He's covered in blood, but standing and holding All Might's card. Deku starts to cry and the two of them look at each other.

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