Boku no Hero Academia 404: We Love You All Might

You are Reading My Hero Academia Chapter 404 We Love You All Might in English With High Quality. The chapter begins with a flashback to Nighteye's "cruel death" foresight as AFO holds All Might in his arms. We then see the reaction of various people around the world, watching the battle and living their lives. A farmer has already given up, lots of people are cheering and a dog-boy named Martin says "man, I don't want All Might to die...". Meryl, the US weather report lady, shows up again and her colleagues says that her video about the butterfly effect has been posted online. Meryl is looking at the computer and says that the air current is acting werid and a narration says "the wind blows strong", showing those leaves that have been featured in some chapters. Bakugou looks at Deku and goes flying towards him.
Deku and Bakugou hold hands and start spinning in the air, like they did in Heroes Rising. The second user warns him that using gear shift again will exhaust him even more, but Deku uses it on Bakugou anyway. All Might's vestige keeps fading away. Deku throws Bakugou, but Shigaraki's smiling. He says that Bakugou won't make it in time to save All Might, he knows that the AM vestige inside OFA vanished and a new one appeared, a more human-like one similar to the other users. We then see the new vestige. "The death of the man who brought dreams to this world will bring the real world back", says Shigaraki. But then, the wind gets even stronger and a narration begins, talking about all the people who prayed and cheered for All Might. It flashbacks to Nighteye's words about everyone's "wishing energy" changed the future. Just like the flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil can bring about a hurricane in Texas, everyone's prayers... We then see a beautiful double spread, with all the characters watching the fight and praying as Bakugou flies through the air. He remembers the guilt he felt for being the one who ended All Might, but not this time!!! Bakugou explodes All For One's arms and saves All Might!! The vestige goes back to looking like before, just a bunch of flames, as All Might says "Young Bakugou...!". Bakugou, bleeding from his nose and mouth, shouts "We'll win this!!!". End of chapter.

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