Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Chapter 144

You are now reading Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Chapter 144 online. Initially, I thought Jellal might resort to using Sema. However, upon reflection on Erza's astounding feat—defeating an even larger and mightier version conjured by Irene while enduring severe injuries—I couldn't help but feel that Sema would be somewhat redundant in this context.


Frankly, witnessing Jellal's triumph over Dark Dragon Slayer Magic and his deployment of a new spell that inflicted significant damage on God Serena, followed by his tactical move against Acnologia, was satisfying enough for me. I fail to comprehend how Serena could scoff at the seven stars, only to have his magic effortlessly consume them, leading to his defeat with the addition of just two more stars. Notably, God Serena refrained from employing his most potent magic and merely unleashed a handful of spells from his extensive repertoire. My expectations were already low, but this outcome surpassed even my most pessimistic predictions. This showdown ranks among the weakest encounters in the entire series. Frankly, Acnologia swiftly dispatching him was a more dignified conclusion than this. As for Jellal's past, I couldn't muster much interest. It's been well over 15 years since his introduction. Introducing a seemingly arbitrary backstory at this point feels belated and disconnected. The fact that God Serena's formidable reputation was reduced to a mere seven to nine fingers truly solidifies the absurdity of the situation. What a complete farce.

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