Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 238 Manga

The new Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 238 Online is out, Thought that yuta would join next after Kashimo. Yuji and law guy are a welcoming surprise. Hope that Kashimo has still a little fight left in him or the main cast will get smaller by the chapter.

I can't wait for the next chapter. Doubt that Yuji will be able to do anything serious to Sukuna now, but I'm sure that he'll will show that he's got potential for that in the future. Maybe it's time for his innate technique to be revealed. Yuji is indeed clutching his bandaged arm with fingers out and his nails are decidedly claw-shaped. We did see that panel a few chapters ago in which he said he'd "eat anything" to beat Sukuna/save Fushigoro. So Yuji's going with "Stranger Strange" method, as he's essentially a cursed object now who can consume and take into himself other cursed objects. The real question here is how much can he do with these items he's consumed? He really wasn't able to do anything with Sukuna except...start to manifest a moderate amount of cursed energy? Idea 1 - he can make use of the properties or techniques of the cursed objects he consumes. This has been hinted at somewhat with that one training panel in which someone's seemingly body-swapped with him. That's either a red herring (he was under the effect of someone else's cursed technique) or he's eaten a cursed object. Idea 2 - while he may have slight physical manifestations of the properties of whatever cursed objects he eats (kind of like how Yuji's appearance was like a toned-down Sukuna's while he acted as Sukuna's container), Yuji can't actually make use of any of the curse properties of what he's eaten beyond...using their cursed energy as a basic ability power-up. This would be more consistent with his character up until now. Yuji wasn't able to do anything with Sukuna's power except use him as a cursed energy battery, essentially. Idea 3 - (this is possibly a variant of Idea 2): Yuji eats all the cursed objects, and is not only unable to make use of their properties/powers, but through some plot-fu, similar to Maki, Yuji has all the cursed energy/cursed technique stored within him removed completely, making him into a "super Toji" - essentially the antithesis of Sukuna. If Sukuna (and Kenjaku TBH) are examples of the nearly infinite possibility of growth of cursed energy, cursed technique, etc, then Yuji will end up representing the infinite possibility of what humanity could be if it "purified itself" of cursed energy. Basically, if Sukuna's power level is nearly infinite, Yuji's would be some also high number, but divided by zero. I'd be willing to put a modest wager that the plot event which strips Yuji of all his cursed power, granting him the heavenly restriction to end all heavenly restrictions, is going to be a huge twist. Make Sukuna or Kenjaku, annoyed with Yuji non-stop powering up by eating cursed objects, decides to take him down a peg by somehow stripping Yuji of all his "unearned" power - and then immediately regretting it because by doing so they're inadvertently created an infinite superhuman. That would be my guess.

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