One Piece 1095: A World Not Worth Living In

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In this one piece 1095 chapter, Vice Admirals prepare to assist Saint Saturn, but Saturn orders them to stand down. He demonstrates his formidable abilities, easily evading an attack from Bonney and emitting a powerful aura from his eyes that injures both Bonney and Sanji. Kizaru, still incapacitated, apologizes to Saturn.


Luffy is saved from Saturn's attack by Franky. Vegapunk, Bonney, Sanji, and Franky are immobilized by Saturn's mysterious power. Vegapunk speculates that this power might be a Devil Fruit ability. Saturn reveals that Kuma is part of the "Buccaneer Race," a group with Giant blood, explaining their extraordinary strength. A flashback recounts Kuma's tragic past, including the capture and enslavement of his family due to their unique abilities. Kuma's father tells him about the legend of Nika before being tragically killed. The narrative shifts to events 38 years ago, where the Tenryuubito conduct a brutal human hunting game on non-Government islands, ultimately claiming them for the World Government. The chosen island, God Valley, witnessed the death of its king at the hands of Saint Figarland Garling. Back in the present, Saturn is on God Valley, appearing unchanged. It's revealed that the "Buccaneer" child slave who escaped has been recaptured. The chapter ends with a scene from the past, showing Kuma being dragged by other slaves. Suddenly, two mysterious figures appear: a young Emporio Ivankov and a girl named Jinny/Ginny, both child slaves. They engage in a brief, light-hearted exchange with Kuma, hinting at their future connections.

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