Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 146

Read Fairy Tail - 100 Years Quest chapter 146 online in english for free. I kind of expected Natsu would lose. I mean come on let's be really serious, has Natsu ever won a battle by himself with no help from his friends since the 100 year quest started, no we haven't. Also Viernes created Duke so he must have made Duke really powerful. Personally, I think Ezra should have had a tag team battle. I think a Lucy x Ezra tag team would have been good but even gray with Ezra would be good because the two sisters are supposed to be so powerful. And then Sai and the other guys were honestly so low diff that Gray or Lucy could have solo them.
Not surprised that Erza won. She literally got the best armor. Plot armor. Anyways, Duke must have whiteout Natsu's dragon slayer magic, considering his statement. I'm assuming Athena got defeated as well. That's a bummer. To think two big fights was finished offscreen. Maybe Mashima will do a flashback of what happened next chapter(?) On the other hand, now that Natsu's out of the picture, Gray and Lucy should fight Duke and Athena II. I don't want Jellal and Erza's ass to be involved anymore. They got their moment, even though one was bs. I know Rouge is there, but he got no magic, so he won't be helping much. With Natsu's magic gone, I feel like END might awaken as well. But I hope that if it happens, it will be against Viernes.

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