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  • Ogre Child Yamato's Golden Harvest Surrogate Pilgrimage, Vol. 5: "Got a bento from Hiyori and Otoko!". Yamato is smiling while sees how Hiyori and Otoko prepare a bento for the journey around Wanokuni.

  • Chapter starts where last one ended, we can see more reactions about Vegapunk's words all over the world.

  • In Wanokuni (where Straw Hat Jolly Roger flutters near the castle) people are listening Vegapunk's message with old Orochi's Den Den Mushi. We can see Momonosuke, Kinemon, Otama and Shinobu eating dangos.

Momonosuke: "So Joy Boy was a pirate just like Luffy."
Kinemon: "You know that name?"

  • Cut to G-4 Marine Base prison, we see that Demaro Black and his crew are also listening Vegapunk's message. All of them are now cosplaying as Kid Pirates (Demaro is Kid lol)

Fake Kid Pirates: "Who would be stronger? Joy Boy or our "Captain Kid"!?" Demaro Black/Fake "Captain Kid": "It's unfair to compare... Since Joy Boy is dead!!"


  • Vegapunk's broadcast continues while we can see that Luffy, Dorry and Brogy are still running from Warcury.

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Vegapunk: "To explain why Joy Boy was called a pirate, I must first talk about the Void Century. I've only read a small portion of the Poneglyphs, but...!! Poneglyphs are records of a "massive battle" fought during Void Century. Joy Boy's enemy was... the current "World Government"!!"

Warcury: "Vegapunk!!!"

  • Cut to the laboratory, we see that Mars is walking through a corridor and using Conqueror's Haki as he walks (it's a very badass panel). After he passes, many Den Den Mushi fall to the ground unconscious.

Vegapunk: "To be precise, Joy Boy enemies were an "Alliance Army" of 20 nations that later become World Government. In other words, Joy Boy and his group was so sturdy that such forces were needed to fight him...!!"

  • While Vegapunk says this, we can see a panel where Joy Boy (using "Nika" form, that looks like Luffy Gear 5) was fighting multiple kings (unfortunately, all of them are just silhouettes). Vegapunk continues.

Vegapunk: "Since I don't possess information on what "ignited" that battle, I shall describe it as a clash of "2 types of ideas". And neither side can be defined as "good" or "evil"."

  • Cut to Zou, we can see that some Minks like Carrot (that is wearing a new outfit) and Wanda (that is dress as a Musketeer) are listening Vegapunk's message (Zou is listening it too).

Vegapunk: "As I mentioned before, the nation where Joy Boy was born was something you wouldn't believe that existed 900 years ago. The weapons that existed in that century of war seem to be crafts that cannot be recreated with today's technologies. And that even includes me, the genius...!!"

  • Cut to Foxy Pirates, they are listening Vegapunk in a shabby small boat. Most of the crew are gone, because we only see Foxy (he has mustache and goatee now), Porche and Hamburg. All of them have some bandages and wounds.

Foxy: "What the hell is he talking about!! That peanut head!!"

Porche: "Oh boss ♡ By the way, I'm starving..."

Vegapunk: "And that's where our problem stems from..."

  • Back to Egghead Island. Edison asks Stussy to run away, she doesn't need to care about barrier anymore since it's useless against Five Elders.

  • Cut to Nami group. Nami says they need to hurry since Marine battleships are gathering around Elbaf ship. We can see too that Zoro and Jinbe almost reach the ship.

  • Back to Stussy, she's talking with Kaku very sad.

Stussy: "I don't know what to do... Now that Stella is gone, I've lost my purpose in life..."

  • Nusjuro breaks free from the giants and attacks Bonney, but Franky pulls her out of the way to avoid the attack. Nusjuro's attack cuts off easily Elbaf ship's figurehead.

Nusjuro: "You talked too much Vegapunk!! Arghhh, all these annoying signs of lives...!!"

  • Then Nusjuro jumps into the air, and in an EPIC double spread, he cuts the entire cloud under Punk Records in half freeing all Seraphim and Cypher Pol agents in the process (all of them fall to the lower part of Egghead).

  • Vegapunk's speech continues.

Vegapunk: "The Void Century ended with Joy Boy's defeat. However, his downfall...!! That battle left an irreparable damage on our world...!!! Going from island to island, that is our world today. With sailing itself being difficult, a large amount of our population will only have access to the culture of their own...!!"

  • We see more random reactions, some people say of course ocean is dangerous. Wee see Shimotsuki Village too, Koushirou is listening Vegapunk while kids training.

Vegapunk: "This is common sense of ours... But this does not apply to the world that existed a thousand years ago...!! We can assume that our world used to have several "continents" long long ago. But the catastrophic climate change that occurred during the Void Century submerged the entire world with 200 meters rise in sea water!!! The islands we are living on right now are merely fragments of those continents that used to exist!!! The world of 1,000 years ago is now sunk into the depths of water... and nowhere to be found!!!"

  • While Vegapunk talks, we can see another double spread showing ruins of cities in the bottom of the sea.

  • We see more reactions around the world, like Revolutionary Army (Dragon, Sabo, Ivankov...) in Kamabakka Queendom or Nojiko and Genzo in Cocoyasi Village.

Genzo: "Nojiko, where are you going!!"

Nojiko: "Tell me what he says later, I'm going to check on the mikans farm."

  • In Sakura Kingdom, Dalton and Kureha are listening Vegapunk's message with some citizens.

Kureha: "Hehehe!! It seems there are still so many interesting things in this world."

  • We can see too Miss Golden Week, Miss Merry Christmas and Miss Valentine in the island where New Spiders Cafe is located. People of that island look at a mountain and say they can't believe it was more than 200 meters high in the past. They say too that a lot of people must have died by rise in sea water.

  • Vegapunk's message continues.

Vegapunk: "Why did the sea level rise during that century? One would reasonably assume that such calamities are usually caused by natural disasters. But after my research, I can say it's impossible that so much change can happen in a span of merely 100 years... I conclude that the "calamity" was actually man-made!!"

Morgans: "Unbelievable~~~!!!"

  • In World Economy News Paper's headquarters Morgans can't believe Vegapunk's words. Vivi covers Morgans mouth to continue listening Vegapunk.

Vegapunk: "When I detected a rise in sea level across the whole world the other day, I reached my conclusion... The reason... and the identity...!!!"

  • We can see Mars, Saturn and Warcury faces while Vegapunk says that last words.

Vegapunk: "The "Ancient Weapons" that sunk the world 800 years ago still exist today!!! And they are waiting the day they'll be put to use again...!!"

  • Cut to Mary Geoise in the final page of the chapter. Imu (still shadow) is in the "Room of Flowers" playing with the butterflies. Chapter ends with Imu's close-up while Vegapunk talks...

Imu: "..."

Vegapunk: "In other words... The "Huge War" that occurred during the Void Century... has not yet ended!!!"

One Piece Chapter 1112: Egghead's Escape Starts

Most significantly, the exodus from Egghead Island began in One Piece chapter 1112. Zoro and Jinbe nearly reached the Thousand Sunny on the Labophase, where everyone else was already waiting. Without a doubt, they will start their escape from the island as soon as they board the ship. The objective is to rendezvous aboard the pirate ship of the Giants at the same moment as the Fabriophase. Dorry, Brogy, and Luffy have already begun to back away, and they are currently moving in the direction of the ship.

One of Luffy's strongest traits in One Piece is his imaginative power.

Franky and Bonney's gang is near to the ship, while Sanji and Vegapunk are halfway there. Of course, with the Vice Admirals stationed there to guard it, boarding the ship won't be that simple. Nevertheless, the Straw Hat Pirates ought to be able to tackle this without too much trouble.

This is particularly relevant because, toward the end of the story, the Iron Giant begins to move and expresses regret to Joy Boy. Fans are certain that the Iron Giant would help the Straw Hat Pirates escape Egghead Island, even though the apology's motivation is still unknown. Holding back the Elders should now be feasible with someone as incredibly strong, and an avenue for the Straw Hat Pirates to flee should also become available.

Unfortunately, since One Piece will be taking a long sabbatical, all of that will have to wait. In addition to taking care of his health, Oda is taking a break to properly plan out his manga. This follows Toriyama's passing and serves as a reminder to everyone that mangakas, who put in a great deal of effort to create these exquisite stories for their readers, also require proper rest, something they don't always get. Fans may be confident that when the show returns, everything will happen at a breakneck pace because this pause should benefit the series.

As One Piece draws closer to its eventual conclusion, exciting events will be happening in the world. Fans can expect to see characters like Shanks, among others, play significant roles in the upcoming arcs, particularly Elbaf. The Egghead Island arc's conclusion is quickly approaching.

Cross Guild's "cold as hell" new Jolly Roger is a hit among One Piece fans.

A brand-new card game was released by One Piece. After the new Jolly Roger of Cross Guild was initially revealed by Bandai Namco, the company that created the card game, the already exciting situation got much more exciting.

Dracule Mihawk, Sir Crocodile, and Buggy the Clown, three former Shichibukai, have formed an alliance known as Cross Guild. Even though Mihawk and Crocodile are two of the most active pirates, Buggy's fame seems to precede that of the other two. As a result of Buggy's transformation into a new Yonko and the alliances he formed with strongmen like Mihawk and Crocodile, the Cross Guild is presently among the most formidable organizations in the New World.

The touches of all three members are evident in the recently unveiled Jolly Roger of Cross Guild. The Jolly Roger appears to be a hybrid of their three Jolly Roger designs. It has the skull from Buggy's original Jolly Roger, Yoru from Mihawk, twin crossing swords from Crocodile, and purple wings.

Why is Chapter 1112 of One Piece delayed?

Rather than on March 31, One Piece Chapter 1112 will now be available on April 21. Weekly Shonen Jump will continue as usual, with Eiichiro Oda's schedule causing the break. Oda decided to take an extended break before the publication of Chapter 1111. Due to Golden Week, One Piece will once more take a vacation following Chapter 1113 following the last three-week sabbatical. Eiichiro Oda said in a handwritten message, "I'm taking a break!!" It lasts for three weeks in total. I understand that the recent events involving Toriyama-sensei would lead people to get too anxious, but this is about my body.

Consider it to be a form of upkeep. During this break, I'm also trying to figure out what the One Piece is. I mean, I'm a busy guy!”

Eiichiro Oda was devastated to learn about Akira Toriyama's passing earlier this month. They have long admired one another's artistic creations. Because of their incredibly hectic schedules, mangakas frequently have poor health. Because of this, Oda chooses to take a lengthy hiatus before continuing the manga shortly after Toriyama's passing.

The mangaka's schedule for the remainder of the year will also be filled with filming for Netflix's One Piece Season 2. As usual, One Piece fans are undoubtedly encouraging.

Since its debut in 1997 with illustrations by the renowned Eiichiro Oda, the One Piece manga has gained popularity and has been published in serial form ever since. As this group of youthful pirates set off on a new journey towards the 'Grand Line,' renowned for riches and the most dangerous seas and pirates, the exploits of pirates with special powers—such as Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Sanji, and others—are a minor aspect of One Piece.

Amidst the manga's enormous global appeal, One Piece has seen a constant flow of adaptations, including television shows and movies, and more of its adventures will soon be turned into motion pictures and online entertainment.

Latest Chapter 1112 of One Piece: Publication date

After a protracted break, the One Piece manga will return on April 21 at 8 a.m. (PT)/11 a.m. (ET) with Chapter 1112. According to OnePieceStone, the manga is anticipated to be released in Europe that same day at 5:00 p.m.

The most recent chapter of One Piece may be read on the Manga Plus website, the Shonen Jump+ app, or the official Viz Media website. These websites provide readers with the most recent chapters of the One Piece manga for free or with a subscription.

Q1. Who is one of One Piece's main heroes?
A1. One of the main heroes of One Piece is Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate who sets out to find the 'One Piece' treasure. He sets out on a quest for the fabled One Piece treasure with his band of pirates.

Q2. What is the basis for One Piece?
A2. One Piece tells the story of pirates and their exploits searching for a legendary treasure on perilous seas. A highly sought-after treasure among pirates on the 'Grand Line' is One Piece.

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One Piece Chapter 1110: Everything You Need To Know

A new chapter of One Piece is on the horizon, signaling the end of a much-awaited break. As customary, fans eagerly await the initial reactions and insights from leakers, offering a glimpse into the chapter's quality. Chapter 1110 holds immense promise, given the anticipated confrontation between Luffy and the revered Gorosei, a storyline that inherently sparks excitement.

Leaked reactions paint a picture of anticipation and surprise, with one particularly intriguing hint featuring Luffy's wide-eyed astonishment. This suggests that Chapter 1110 holds unexpected twists, whether stemming from the encounter with the Gorosei or the revelations expected from Vega Punk.

Another leak presents a symbolic image of Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, and Suarez dressed in suits, possibly symbolizing greatness and anticipation for an exceptional chapter. The symbolism of these three figures hints at the potential epic nature of the upcoming installment.

Rumors swirl about a possible tribute to Akira Toriyama within the chapter, although the presence of a cover story remains uncertain. An image purported to be the initial cover of the chapter has surfaced, yet its authenticity remains questionable, adding to the intrigue surrounding Chapter 1110.

As for release dates, spoiler tips are expected to trickle in from today until Tuesday, March 12th, with the initial spoilers anticipated on March 12th itself. A full summary should follow on Wednesday, March 13th, paving the way for chapter scans around March 14th or 15th. Finally, fans can officially dive into the chapter on Manga Plus on March 17th, marking a highly anticipated moment for enthusiasts worldwide.

Excitement is palpable as fans eagerly await the unveiling of Chapter 1110, poised to deliver thrills, surprises, and possibly, a tribute to the iconic legacy of Akira Toriyama.

Intense Developments Unfold in One Piece Chapter 1107

Continuing seamlessly from the previous chapter, the narrative zooms in on the devastation of Egghead Island. The explosions reverberate across the sea, catching the attention of ships from afar, including a massive vessel approaching the Marine blockade. Suspicions arise that this ship may be responsible for the destruction of Saturn's kill, adding a layer of tension to the unfolding events.

Back on the island, amidst the chaos, Luffy emerges from a brief respite, shedding his excess body fat with astonishing speed. The Marines are taken aback by his rapid recovery, hinting at his formidable abilities. As the battle rages on, with the island engulfed in flames from the Buster call, the Marines face a dilemma. They must evacuate while dealing with the imminent threat posed by Luffy, one of the most wanted pirates in the world.

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With Luffy unleashing Gear Fifth, the Marines find themselves outmatched. Despite their relentless bombardment, Luffy remains undeterred, prompting the Marines to consider using Sea Stone cuffs to neutralize him. However, Luffy's transformation signals a shift in the tide of battle, leaving the Marines scrambling to contain the chaos.

Meanwhile, amidst the chaos, Vega Punk employs a cunning tactic to aid Bonnie and her allies. Utilizing his communicator, he communicates with Atlas, instructing her to relay a crucial message to Bonnie. As tensions escalate, Bonnie finds herself at a crossroads, torn between conflicting loyalties.

Unexpectedly, the pacifistas, under Bonnie's influence, turn against the Marines, wreaking havoc on their own allies. This dramatic turn of events catches the Marines off guard, plunging them into disarray. As the battle intensifies, Saturn's fury knows no bounds, leading to a shocking confrontation with Vega Punk.

In a surprising twist, Luffy's intervention alters the course of the battle, setting the stage for a showdown with Kizaru. Amidst the chaos, alliances shift, and old adversaries resurface, culminating in a climactic clash that will reshape the fate of Egghead Island.

As the dust settles, the true extent of Vega Punk's betrayal becomes apparent, paving the way for a new era of uncertainty and upheaval. With alliances forged and loyalties tested, the stage is set for a thrilling confrontation that will determine the future of the One Piece world.

Stay tuned for the next chapter as the saga unfolds, promising more twists, turns, and epic battles on the high seas.