Read My Hero Academia Chapter 408 Scans

If you are My Hero Academia fans, I’m sure you are searching for My Hero Academia 408. But as we knew, My Hero Academia Chapter 408 Manga will be there on the regular time. The chapter begins with AFO killing Yoichi in a sewer. His body falls apart, only one hand is left behind. It's revealed that AFO gave him this name because his brother was the first thing he received in this world (Yoichi contains the kanji for "give" and "first") The second page focuses on AFO and Kudou's eyes. While Kudou's eyes are full of emotion and start to get filled with tears, forming a reflection of the man who killed Yoichi, AFO's eyes are entirely white, with no reflection at all. Kudou still didn't have the scar. Some time passes and All For One is in an apartment in a very tall building, looking at Yoichi's hand (it looks like the ones Shigaraki has) and saying that the quirk he gave his brother was no longer in his body, and that this has never happened before.
He starts thinking about what could have happened, until he finally realizes that the quirk may have been passed on to someone else. Meanwhile, the 3rd user - whose name is revealed to be Bruce - is examining Kudou's body. Kudou was feeling weird and Bruce asks if he was touched by AFO during the battle, but Kudou tells him to reveal the results already. It appears that there are now two quirk factors inside Kudou, the gearshift one and a very small, almost insignificant one. "If only he cared more about other people, the power to give and take could have been the kindest in the whole world". Kudou and AFO then come to similar conclusions. Kudou says "Yoichi's will now lives within me", while All For One says "that means he still exists”. We then see a double page spread showing the next few decades of AFO's life. Him killing Kudou and Bruce, starting a cult, meeting the doctor, trying to steal One For All from Banjo (and failing), cutting En in half, killing Nana and having his face destroyed by All Might. But right after AFO was defeated by AM for the first time, the doctor stole his body from the morgue. Back to the present, AFO wonders if Bakugou is Kudou's descendant, but that would be impossible. He killed his family and all the women and children who were close to him. Besides, if Kudou and Bakugou were related by blood, AFO would have noticed it in Kamino. Then it finally clicks: it's the eyes. Unlike back in Kamino, Bakugou's eyes right now show his determination to defeat All For One, just like Kudou's. Bakugou looks at the monstrous thing in front of him and, smiling, says, "Are you stupid? There's no way this dumb thing will win". End of chapter.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 244 Online

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 244 Chapter commences with Yuji and Higuruma making their way to confront Sukuna. Prior to this showdown, a flashback unfolds, depicting a gathering of sorcerers strategizing their plans. The discussion revolves around Kenjaku, aiming to exploit a moment of vulnerability to eliminate him, primarily using Yuta. However, their decision hinges on Gojo's defeat. They anticipate Yuta's swift return following Kenjaku's handling. Regarding the impending confrontation with Sukuna, deliberation arises on who should engage in battle and who should abstain. Kusakabe advocates for careful selection, prompting Kashimo's retort emphasizing an all-out war mentality. Kusakabe points out Miwa's inability to fight due to a binding vow sworn in Shibuya—she vowed never to wield her sword. Kamo, present at the meeting, expresses regret and excuses himself from the mission, citing his perceived lack of contribution. He opts to safeguard his family and depart the country. Yuji attempts to console Kamo by acknowledging the learning opportunity Kamo provides, jesting about Choso's inadequacy as a teacher, eliciting a contemplative response from Kamo.
Amidst banter, Kashimo's confidence wavers, expressing frustration at the assumption of potential failure, countered by Hakari's acknowledgment and gratitude for Kashimo relinquishing his spot for Gojo's sake. Higuruma steps forward, intending to confront Kashimo, planning to employ his CT to seize Sukuna's CT. He elaborates on his strategy, mentioning the possibility of using the Executioner's Sword should he sentence Sukuna to death. Questions emerge regarding Higuruma's ability to definitively confiscate and impose a death penalty on Sukuna. Yuji explains the dependency on Judgeman's choice of charges, highlighting Sukuna's past switches and the consequential casualties. Higuruma outlines Sukuna's transgressions since taking over Megumi's body, delineating potential charges such as harming Megumi, committing complete murder, and pilfering a deceased body. He highlights the challenge in attributing Sukuna's crimes to the havoc caused by his fingers. Summarizing the sentencing criteria, Higuruma presents a framework: one murder equates to serving prison for 10-15 years, while two murders warrant life imprisonment or the death penalty. Three or more murders result in an automatic death penalty. Kusakabe predicts Sukuna's inevitable death penalty under a regular judgment, but notes the unique process of Higuruma's CT, which addresses each crime separately.

One Piece Chapter 1100 - Thank You Bonney

The One Piece 1100 english scans chapter begins with Kizaru visiting Vegapunk's laboratory, being trailed by Marines like Drake. Vegapunk, who recently moved into the facility after the Punk Hazard incident, unknowingly had spy Den Den Mushi inside. Kizaru presents Saturn's Den Den Mushi, revealing Vegapunk's illegal negotiations with a pirate. Saturn agrees to the deal involving Kuma as a clone host but sets three conditions: Kuma must become a Shichibukai, undergo cyborg surgery, and have his mind erased post-surgery.
Vegapunk protests, stating that wiping a cyborg's mind is akin to killing a man, but Saturn asserts authority. Kuma, however, is joyous as he sees this as a chance to save Bonney. Bonney's surgery will take 6 months, with a subsequent year of rest, while Kuma's surgery will extend over 2 years. To ensure Kuma's compliance, Bonney becomes their hostage, under World Government custody after her treatment. After the deal, a montage showcases Kuma, Bonney, Vegapunk, and Sentoumaru bonding over the next 6 months. Kizaru joins their circle, participating in activities like a pizza party and dancing. Bonney's surgery concludes, and she is sent back to Sorbet Kingdom, unaware of the hidden deal. Kuma bids her farewell, expressing gratitude for her existence. Kuma sets out as the new Shichibukai, triggering reactions from former Shichibukai and others in the pirate world. Doflamingo anticipates trouble, while Crocodile remains indifferent. Whitebeard's crew discusses Kuma's successor, with Ace and Jinbe expressing mixed feelings about the changing pirate world. The chapter concludes with a teenage Luffy in a forest, and Kuma's ship arrives at Foosha Village, where he receives a Den Den Mushi call from a government agent with a mysterious order.

Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Chapter 147 - Iruha

Read Fairy Tail - 100 Years Quest chapter 147 online in english for free. Chapter was what it was. Honestly not the worse chapter in the sequel but nothing impressed me. Athena 2 taking out Team Natsu is nothing new as it is the same formula with FT being beaten just to get up and do a rematch and for them to win. Wash, rinse and repeat is what seems to happen in the manga.
With Athena I still don't get why Dragon Lacrima wouldn't be more effective compared to living dragon slayers. It wasn't explained well or at all. It felt like a just because we need to create weird conflict. Overall, I haven't been impressed with any of the alchemy. I feel like it could have been done better and could have been much more interesting and bigger threats.