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Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Chapter 134 - Alchemizing Feelings

Interesting chapter, good to see Lucy & Yukino kicking butt. I was really hoping Gold Owl had a deeper plan than just an up cycled evil Pino(cchio) but I guess more fool me for excessive expectations at this point? I could complain about a plan seeking Dragon magic to turn Athena into a real girl, when a major plot point was it turning Humans into Dragons, but we seem to have taken a bit of a tangent away from that, if Lucy’s proposal is actually accepted. Does make me more curious what Ueda could do if they took over the writing wholesale, though. Mashima is clearly stretched too thin with EZ and his other new projects to give 100YQ the attention it needs/ deserves. Still hoping for a “Fairy Tail - S Class” follow on once 100YQ comes to an end if Ueda is up for taking control!


The Five Elder Planets - One Piece 1086

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