One Piece Manga 1120 - Warcury Vs Iron Giant

As our heroes attempt to escape, Juu Peter hurls buildings and Cipher Pol members down like a fountain, continuing from where we last saw him sucking them up. This could mean the Seraphim might land near the Straw Hats, potentially causing more trouble if freed. Suddenly, Warcury leaps towards the ship and dives into the ocean. This is a massive plot twist because Warcury, supposedly a devil fruit user, willingly jumps into the water. It’s unlikely he's sacrificing himself just to attack them, so why would he take such a risk? While the Gorosei seem to regenerate endlessly, can they survive drowning?

The Gorosei are not traditional devil fruit users; they seem more like devils themselves, breaking several rules of devil fruits. What if they can survive and move in water? Imu has been implied to be the incarnation of the Sea itself, the Mother of Nature Umi, and the Gorosei might be extensions of Imu’s powers. If Imu is immune to water, the Gorosei might be too. Perhaps Warcury can use geppo like Nasujuro to hop back to land, or there’s another reason behind his actions. Oda's hint seems too significant to ignore. If they can’t drown, it seems almost impossible to kill them for good. However, before Warcury can smash the ship, the iron giant appears from beneath and delivers a powerful punch, shattering one of Warcury’s horns, although it will regenerate. The iron giant likely used its jetpack to get up. Since the Vegaforce was modeled after the iron giant, it makes sense that it too can fly using a jetpack, which Shaka assumed it used to scale the Red Line. We are witnessing a mecha vs kaiju fight in One Piece, and Luffy is fascinated, as the editor's note comments “romance is back on the road,” referring to the thrill of seeing a giant robot fight.

What’s more interesting is that the iron giant seems to have an inner dialogue as a memory. It exclaims “Joyboy.” Luffy seems to react to the iron giant, possibly using observation haki or future sight. However, I wonder if Luffy can hear the giant's voice through the voice of all things. The iron giant recalls a memory with Joyboy, the first time we hear Joyboy's voice. Joyboy simply tells it, “iika Emeto, izatte toki da.”

In this moment, we learn the iron giant's name, “Emeth.” In Japanese, it’s pronounced “Emeto,” but it may be written as Emeth, a name of particular importance. In Hebrew myth, “Emeth” is the command word used to give life to golems, large animated creatures similar to the iron giant. “Emeth” means “universal truth,” raising questions about the truths hidden within Joyboy’s story.

Joyboy’s second line, “izatte toki da,” is a Japanese expression referring to “the hour of need” or “the critical moment.” It’s unclear if Joyboy is talking about a past moment or advising the iron giant about a future moment it must await. Given the context, it seems Joyboy is referring to the present, as Emeth recalls this memory due to the current situation. Joyboy indicates that at some point, a critical hour will come, and Emeth might be needed to help bring a change leading the world towards its Dawn. Perhaps, that moment is now.

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