Does Sanji have Lunarian Lineage Factors?

Ever since Queen began questioning Sanji about how Judge experimented on the Vinsmoke Family it got me wondering about a question I’ve had ever since Enies Lobby: “How can Sanji set his body on fire?”

For the longest time I just attributed it to the One Piece World being full of strangeness, but Queen specifically questioned it which got me thinking again.

Queen tries to attribute Sanji’s ability to cybernetics. Sanji brushes off the question, saying “the heat of my passion surpasses the temperature of flame”.

With the recent reveal of the Seraphim having Lunarian abilities, I’m beginning to wonder if the Vinsmoke children (or possibly just Sanji) were given some Lunarian DNA as a “prototype” by Judge to see if a modified human could use Lunarian abilities.

We know the former members of MADS all have a history in body modification or artificially emulating strong pre-existing abilities: Caesar trying to make giants, Vegapunk’s artificial devil fruit mimicing Kaido’s devil fruit and the Seraphim emulating the warlords/lunarians’ abilities being my best examples.

I don’t think it’s much of a leap to say MADS did these sorts of experiments prior to the group disbanding, leading to Judge performing a similar experiment on his kids. I don’t want to speculate if Sanji has other abilities that King has shown, but the ability to ignite his body – and have it specifically questioned and compared to the Lunarian race feels like it’s being highlighted for a reason.

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