Yoichi Isagi

Isagi second-year student and previously played as a forward for the Ichinan High School football team. When first arriving at Blue Lock he was a member of Team Z during First Selection. His main goal is to become the world's best striker. After the Blue Lock Eleven played against the Japan U-20, Isagi is ranked as one of the top players in Blue Lock and plays as an offensive midfielder on Bastard München during the Neo Egoist League.



Raumdeuter: The word essentially translates to “space investigator”, and is best used to define the German’s effective role when exploiting the half space. A Raumdeuter’s main function is to drift infield and find pockets of space in which to thrive; it is essentially a player who locates dangerous areas of the pitch and uses unoccupied space to create confusion among opposition backlines. They are limited dribblers, and are not characterized by their pace. Their first touch is very efficient, and is a huge contributor to their set-up touches prior to scoring.

Isagi creates ideals plays and chance opportunities by using his spatial awareness to view the field as a whole and the players on it. With his understanding of all the players he uses his off the ball movements to occupy empty spaces or create dangerous ones to form ideal plays for his teammates, chance opportunities using his teammates, and to score high level goals for himself. Due to his relationships and game time with most of the prominent Blue Lock players, Isagi is able to bring the best out of his teammates by either forcing them to perform plays so he can attack or by them pushing themselves to exceed Isagi's evolving skill. He has been noted to be the heart of Blue Lock by Sae Itoshi and implied to be that by Ego. His skills are highly recognized and respected by a majority of Blue Lock, even Jinpachi Ego comments publicly on his ability. As of the Neo Egoist League, Isagi is recognized as the ace of Blue Lock.


Spatial Awareness: Isagi instinctually begins to analyze the entire field, giving him a vast understanding of the game, including his opponents and teammates’ weapons. Based on this understanding, Isagi can make accurate predictions as to the flow of the game. These premonitions then allow him to envision an ideal play mid-game and execute it. His spatial awareness is among the highest in Blue Lock, often rivaling and sometimes surpassing other player's own visions, such as Niko and Rin.

  • Goal Scent: Using his spatial awareness, Isagi instinctively recognizes the “scent of a goal” that is emitted off of key players from his prediction and is able to expertly send them the ball so they may score.
  • Adaptability (適応能力 Tekiō Nōryoku?): It was noted by Naruhaya that Isagi is a genius in terms of adaptability. By understanding the core of both his teammate's and opponent's football, Isagi can adapt his style to either devour or counter their talent. The best example of this is when he "devoured" Naruhaya's off the ball movements and ability to exploit blind spots. This was also seen when he adapted to devour Baro and exploit his weaknesses in order to score. Perhaps Isagi's greatest feat of adaptation was when he was able to adjust his plan to defeat Rin, taking into account his physical advantages, and predicting the actions Rin would take to block his shot.

Direct Shot (直撃蹴弾ダイレクトシュート Dairekuto Shūto?, Direct Shoot): Isagi first assesses the positions of defenders and the trajectory of the ball, then lands a powerful kick on the ball's impact point in order to score a clean goal. In doing this, Isagi avoids having to overthink his positioning and next move and can just score a clean shot with no interference. It was noted by Nagi that Isagi has no wasted motion when performing his shot, implying that Isagi performs it with flawless technique and control.

  • Back Heel Shot: Isagi first assesses the positions of defenders and feints a direct shot in anticipation for his opponent's block. Then he lands a powerful backwards kick on the ball's impact point in order to score a clean shot. This move was first used against Itoshi Rin, during their rematch in the Second Selection, which surprised everyone on the field.

Off the Ball Movements: A term used to describe the moments where players are not in possession of the ball. Isagi may use these moments to position himself in his opponents’ blind spots, position himself in a place where he can deceive the opposition and be a decoy for his teammates shots, or to position himself close enough to a teammate to pull off super close back to back passing that can breakthrough an enemy's defense.

  • Positioning: Mirroring Rin, Isagi is able to use his positioning to exploit luck during a game. If he realises the ball will not be passed to him, Isagi will move to an opportune location, where he is in the blind spot of his opponent and where he would be able to score directly off of a direct shot. He used this to score the decisive goal in the match against the U-20

Reflex (反射的 Hanshateki?): Isagi, as of the match against the Japan U-20, has begun to consciously incorporate reflex into his playmaking. Isagi is able to use his awareness of the conditions of the field to find spaces of opportunity, either to attack the opponent's goal or defend his own. He used this to instinctively move to a position where he could use a Direct Shot, after passing to Nagi, he used this to read Sae's corner kick, by taking into account Sae's pass, as well as Rin's and Shidou's positioning, and he also demonstrated this ability at the end of Japan U-20 match when he by reflex moved to the ball while in the blindspots of the Japan U-20 defense, scoring a powerful direct shot.

Metavision (超越視界メタ・ビジョン Meta Bijon?, Transcendence Sight): A term used to describe a player's evolved vision that gives them an omnipotent perspective of the field. Using his eyes to constantly take in information from his central and peripheral vision, Isagi constantly collects data on every player, every play they make, and their positions on the field. After analyzing Michael Kaiser's goal formula, Isagi adopted Kaiser's transcendent use of his vision into his own style of play and mixed with his spatial awareness, positioning, and reflex Isagi is able to swiftly predict and shut down the plays of some of the best Blue Lock players and further create ideal situations for his own goals using his teammates in a way that is only possible for him.

Flow State: Flow, as described by Ego, is the state of "total immersion" or "being in the zone". It is the mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

Isagi's Flow state involves Isagi constantly using all of his weapons at once to read the field and the distortions caused by the players on it. With his metavision, he complexly reads the field and identifies distortions then takes advantage of these distortions with his spatial awareness and reflex and either mounts a surprise ironclad defense or a swift and unstoppable attack. Isagi has unintentionally entered Flow State numerous times during Blue Lock, even as early as the First Selection, though his most impressive feat in Flow was stealing the ball from Nagi at the very beginning of Manshine City's play and immediately beginning a counterattack that was unstoppable and near unreadable by the entire field leading to a goal.

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