Egghead Island

Egghead is a winter island in the New World belonging to the World Government, which houses the laboratory of Dr. Vegapunk. It also has the label of Future Island and is said to be "500 years in the future". It is located southeast of Wano Country. It is the primary setting of the Egghead Arc. According to Nami, Egghead is naturally a winter island, but due to Vegapunk's Island A.C. technology, its climate is now closer to that of a tropical rainforest. That said, the waters surrounding Egghead still display elements of its original weather, featuring freezing winds, icebergs and strong currents that even Jinbe, a fish-man helmsman, admitted were too powerful for him to navigate through properly. Furthermore, Warm Eddys that rise several meters upwards (to the point of resembling a waterspout) are found in this area due to the warmed up waters coming from Egghead's inland reacting to its external cold waters. Egghead appears to be a relatively small island dotted with trees, with its most notable feature being a giant, cracked open egg-shaped structure that towers above the clouds (Vegapunk's laboratory). The island also features an underground, man-made tunnel resembling a sewer with metal ladders that lead to the surface.

According to Jewelry Bonney, back when she first visited the island in her childhood, Egghead only featured a standard laboratory. The factory level of the island, the Fabriophase is home to the workers and researchers on the island. It features a futuristic city with buildings resembling glass domes, rockets, and video game controllers, as well as a variety of highly advanced technology such as automatic meal dispensers and holograms depicting giant monster battles. This is the place where Vegapunk's inventions are displayed for public use. The Fabriophase also features a scrapyard where Vegapunk's failed creations are discarded. The laboratory level, the Labophase is within the giant egg that sits on a manufactured Island Cloud. This is where Vegapunk conducts his research projects. As a result of Dr. Vegapunk's tireless research, Egghead's configuration as a island has been heavily modified from its original state. The island is now a high-tech wonderland where Vegapunk tests and exhibits many of his inventions. Despite Vegapunk's achievements and much to his frustration, however, the lack of monetary funds and qualified manpower to iterate his works offsite means a lot of the revolutionary technology employed on the island cannot be mass-produced, limiting their existence to Egghead alone as a result. In fact, due to having so little time and help available, Vegapunk went as far as splitting his own self into six satellite bodies in order to increase his multi-project efficiency and supervision. Some of those satellites also appear to be responsible for testing new technology on and around Egghead. Usually, ships which sail to Egghead never reach the island, as some of Vegapunk's own creations, the Sea Beast Weapons, which are modified and mechanized Sea Beasts from the surrounding sea, roam the waters around Egghead and sink every ship that comes close to the island. Not only does this provide a powerful method of self-protection for Egghead, but it also allows Vegapunk to pillage enemy ships of their valuables in order to amass funds for further scientific projects. 

The Island A.C. is a weather-manipulating system that controls and regulates Egghead's climate, down to the soil temperature. It is because of this technology that Egghead, despite originally being a winter island with harsh frozen seas, currently exhibits a comfortable tropical climate. This system also allows other pieces of technology to properly function by providing them with the necessary atmospheric conditions to do so, such as the Vegaforce-01's jet propulsion and anti-gravity units, and the Island Clouds that support the Labophase.

Notably, Karakuri Island features a similar island-heating project that was left unfinished by Vegapunk during his youth, implying the scientist was eventually able to successfully complete the concept at Egghead.

A Hologram is a tridimensional light projection that simulates a real or imaginary object. It is a technology that is common in science fiction works.

Egghead features various holograms depicting things such as humans, food, aliens and giant robots. Normally, it is impossible for people to interact with the holograms, but thanks to Vegapunk's ingenuity, he was able to develop a special set of Light-Pressure Gloves that allows him to physically touch the light constructs as if they were tangible.

The Automatic Cooking Machine is, as the name implies, a device that automatically prepares a variety of meals (up to five hundred according to Atlas) as long as primary ingredients are available. The machine is interacted through illustrative buttons that, when pressed, provide the corresponding meal on the spot in less than a minute. The resulting trash is then consumed by a nearby Recycle-Wan, apparently for recycling purposes.

The use of those cooking machines is not free however, requiring the consumer to pay for whatever meals they order. Failure to offer payment will be considered theft and lead to a Pacifista being deployed after the offenders.

Standard Pacifista units in armored outfits are employed in Egghead as its primary police force. Should someone violate any of the country's laws, an unit will be sent into the streets in order to locate and attack the offenders. Despite their role as upholders of local order, the Pacifista can still cause major collateral destruction due to their usage of laser weaponry.

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