Tenjirō Kirinji

Tenjirō Kirinji is a member of the Royal Guard, holding the title Hot Spring Demon. He holds the position of First Officer of the Zero Division as well as Divine General of the East. Kirinji is a lean-built and very tall man with black hair arranged into an outlandishly large pompadour, or "regent" hairstyle, with tapered sideburns. He frequently chews on a small stick. Instead of the standard Shinigami shihakushō, he wears a waist-length white jacket that leaves most of his chest exposed but still bears the Royal Guard emblem on its back, as well as the alternating circle and diamond pattern of a captain's haori along the bottom. His attire is completed by a black hakama, a large yellow sash around his waist and a pair of sandals. He speaks of the Gotei 13 as if they are no more than children and is at times condescending to many of his fellow Shinigami, even captains. This patronizing attitude frequently results in him being disciplined by the rest of the Royal Guard, usually through physical force, with a strike to the head. He is also confident in his fighting abilities, being the first member of the Royal Guard to confront Yhwach upon his arrival to the Soul King Palace, and proclaiming that he wouldn't confront him if he didn't think victory was a possibility. Before joining the Royal Guard, Kirinji was a Shinigami captain in Soul Society. At some time in the past, he taught healing techniques to Retsu Unohana.

Powers & Abilities

Master Healer: Kirinji is an incredibly proficient healer, having taught 4th Division Captain Retsu Unohana, who is regarded as the greatest healer in Soul Society, many of her techniques. Furthermore, he was adamant he could heal the grievous injuries of several Shinigami whom Unohana herself was unable to treat. His unique healing method involves a peculiar form of hot spring treatment, using two springs housed in his Kirinden.

Immense Spiritual Power: As a captain-class combatant and current member of the Royal Guard, Kirinji has an immense amount of spiritual power.

Shunpo Master: Kirinji is masterful when it comes to the use of Shunpo. He maneuvered behind 2nd Division Captain Suì-Fēng, the fastest Shunpo user in the Gotei 13, without her noticing until he actually grabbed her, despite him being a mere few feet directly in front of her. During his time in Soul Society, he was known as "Lightning-Fast Tenjirō" for his skill in Shunpo.

Enhanced Strength: Kirinji possesses a great deal of strength, effortlessly picking up and throwing a grown man several meters away from himself. He can punch with enough force to send someone of Ichigo Kurosaki's stature flying a considerable distance away and send several Soldat flying with a single swing of his sealed Zanpakutō.

Enhanced Durability: Kirinji is durable enough to endure the unique healing properties of his hot springs for an extended period of time, unprotected, without rotting.

Ōken: As one of the Royal Guards, Kirinji has the Ōken imparted in his bones, which grants him the ability to travel into and out of the Soul King Palace, as well as grant permission to others simply by willing it.

Hot Spring Water Manipulation: Kirinji can call forth the water of his specialized hot springs and manipulate its movement and temperature as he desires. The White Bone Hell water envelops the enemy and burns away their bodies with its temperature and special properties, while the Blood Pond Hell water instantly replenishes or replaces any blood his comrades have lost.


Kinpika: Its sealed form takes the form of a small blade with a curved tip attached to a long wooden pole. The blade is covered by a wooden sheath with "Kirinji" written on it. When sheathed, Kinpika resembles an Eku.

Shikai: Its release command is "Flash from Illuminating Heavens".Upon release, the blade of Kinpika glows brightly.
Shikai Special Ability: Unknown.
Bankai: Not Revealed

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