My Hero Academia Chapter 418 Manga Scans

Read My Hero Academia Chapter 418 here on MangaRoyale. This chapter was release on March 30 2024 with 13 pages. This Ongoing series is for readers who loves to read Action, Animated, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural. I can't say I didn't expect this but holy fluff, AfO just can't take the L and die. Ugh, unfortunately it seems like making Tomura get rid of his hatered only made things worse because actually only Tomuras hate that was stronger than his will was keeping AfO in check. Even worse, Izuku did exactly what AfO wanted: give him OfA thinking AfO was done for. Welp, for a moment I thought we are actually like few chapters away from ending but guess I was wrong. Also, it was soo fricking long and so again: Where the heck is my beloved Aizawa and his friends?

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