Sun Shield | One Piece Chapter 1111

You are reading One Piece Chapter 1111 in English. Read Chapter 1110 of One Piece Chapter 1111 online on MangaRoyale for free. Looks like zoro technically beat lucci but jinbe was the one who dealt the finishing blow... Lucci gets no respect here. And on top of that he is told by his boss to basically fuck off after being perfectly useful. It is also kinda surprising that lucci has basically no reaction to the gorosei being a monster like that and immediately reveals all he knows no questions asked. I wonder if CP0 is aware of what the gorosei are. It almost looks like the giants are having fun here. I am surprised at how powerful the two are though. I get that they are strong but they seem way higher in the pecking order than I could have anticipated. They can more than easily tango with yonko executives... Perhaps even higher.
Warcury has some interesting abilities. His tusks turning into blades was a surprise for me. No idea if the creature he is based on can do that. His conqueror haki roar sounds pretty similar to big mom's screech. I suppose this can be taken as a soft confirmation of what she did back during the tear party. The chapter also cements the gorosei in general as not only powerful monsters but skilled ones at that. Saturn ate a lot of hits during his fights here but I think he is simply taking as much advantage of his immortality as he can. I suppose he maybe lowered his guard at times but otherwise there's a case to be made that the gorosei simply maximize the use of their immortality. Which is incredibly dangerous. With how long they appear to have been around I don't think it's that big a stretch that their mastery of haki will be the highest in the series. WIth haki roars and the potential to imbue conqueror haki into even more stuff this is getting dangerously close to dbz type stuff. And it looks like some of the gang is going to face vice admirals... This is something I look forward to considering that its rare for the lesser strawhats to get interesting matchups. Too bad they are a month from now...

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