One Piece Chapter 1060 Leaks Reveal Title and Major Story Details, Spoilers

Another week, another batch of One Piece leaks. Though scans of the upcoming chapter have not yet been released, One Piece Chapter 1060 leaks that feature lots of major spoilers have already begun spreading online.

While the latest chapter of One Piece is released every Sunday as part of Weekly Shonen Jump, details about its story along with scans typically get leaked online a few days before the official release.

Given that it’s a bit early, the first batch of leaks don’t tell the whole story just yet, but they do give us an idea of what to expect.

Do take note that these leaks are not confirmed, and details may not be accurate to the official release.

One of the biggest things about the new chapter is its title which is said to be “Luffy’s Dream.”

In the opening of the chapter, the leaks show that Luffy will mention his dream to his friends in the Straw Hat crew.

The chapter will also show the reactions of the Straw Hat crew regarding Luffy’s revelation. Though it’s not confirmed if the chapter will reveal Luffy’s dream or if it will be kept off-screen.

Aside from this major detail, the leaks also mention that Luffy’s brother, Sabo, will be followed in the chapter’s events.

Specifically, it is said that Sabo is in the Kingdom of Lulucia, and there he spots the Empty Throne with a person sitting on it. Soon, Im makes an appearance while holding a map with Lulucia crossed out.

After this, an object is seen falling from the sky in the kingdom, seemingly causing the kingdom to be destroyed.

While the Straw Hats themselves did not visit the Kingdom of Lulucia during their travels, it is a place of significance and has appeared in some form in the manga.

In case you need a refresher, Lulucia is a place that Ace visits while searching for Blackbeard in Ace's Great Blackbeard Search cover story.

The kingdom is also where we first get to see the Revolutionary Army Commanders under Dragon.

Aside from these initial leaks, some insiders have claimed that the next chapter will be a big one. They even recommended that fans avoid spoilers if they can.

One Piece Chapter 1060 is set to release in the next Weekly Shonen Jump issue. It will also be released outside Japan via Manga Plus and the Shonen Jump app.

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