Charlotte Brûlée

Charlotte Brûlée is the eighth daughter and 19th child of the Charlotte Family and the older twin sister of Broyé. She is also an officer of the Big Mom Pirates.

She was stationed in the Seducing Woods to ambush the Sanji Retrieval Team, but after being defeated, the team used her Devil Fruit ability to enter an alternate dimension known as Mirro-World to move around Totto Land. Due to her actions and role, she is a major antagonist in the Whole Cake Island Arc.


Brûlée looks in many respects like the stereotypical witch. She is an extremely tall, slightly hunched, and gray-skinned woman with a well-endowed yet thin figure, which makes her limbs appear to be exceptionally long. She stands at roughly twice Nami's height (170 cm), with her legs alone being noticeably longer than said woman is overall. She also has very long, gnarled fingers with overlong, sharp nails painted blue. The woman's face has very striking, hag-like features. Her droopy eyes have yellow irises and long lashes, and are topped by viridian eye shadow and black, high-arched eyebrows, which she keeps perpetually furrowed. She has a huge and over-projected, reddish hook nose (similar to her mother's), a large mouth with purple lipstick that is usually seen devilishly smiling, a square jaw, and a brown, sharp-cornered scar stretching diagonally down her face from right to left. Brûlée's hair is lavender and divided into two side locks that cascade over her breasts, as well as four other, similarly long, and sharp, lock-like segments that stick to the sides, slightly curved upward.


Brûlée is prideful, as she was rather offended when Carrot referred to her as a talking tree and Luffy called her a branch, as well as when her mother sent Charlotte Cracker to fight the Straw Hats in her stead due to not considering her powerful enough. Brûlée is confident in her powers and claims that she could kill the Straw Hats in an instant, not liking to be underestimated. Due to the terrible scar on her face, she is envious of those with alluring faces to the point that she wants to slice them up. Her jealousy is also tempered with a very sadistic nature as shown when she intended to boil Carrot alive, Brûlée was excited in disfiguring Carrot's face with horrible burns. 

Abilities and Powers

As an officer of the Big Mom Pirates, Brûlée holds a high position in the crew and has authority over lower-ranking members.

Brûlée is a fairly powerful fighter, as Big Mom had enough confidence in her to prevent the Sanji Retrieval Team from escaping the Seducing Woods. She is also capable of coordinating with several homies in the forest to fight against them.

Physical Abilities

Brûlée is rather strong, as she was easily able to lift and hold Nami by the neck with one hand. She also uses her long and sharp fingernails to slice people. Brûlée also has fast reflexes. She was able to dodge Pound's punch easily and defend against Carrot, an extremely fast mink in her own right. She has considerable endurance, as she was able to withstand being scalded by a giant pot of soup as well as being electrocuted by Carrot's Electro and Nami's Thundercloud Rod, then regain consciousness shortly afterwards.

Tactical Skills

She is skilled in tactics such as ambush, traps, and trickery as seen when she easily separated Luffy from the Sanji Retrieval Team, sneaked up on Nami by disguising herself as Luffy, and easily trapped Carrot, a capable mink fighter, with only minimal effort.

Devil Fruit

Brûlée ate the Mira Mira no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows her to create and manipulate mirrors. She can use her mirrors to reflect attacks back at her opponents, turn any mirror into a portal to the "Mirro-World", and transform herself and other living things into mirror images of different people.


When she chased Chopper and Carrot inside the Mirro-World, Brûlée wielded a scythe.

Medical Expertise

Brûlée seems to have some medical knowledge as she tended to Katakuri's wounds after his defeat at the hands of Luffy.

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