Vice Admiral Momonga is a Marine officer and the Base Commander of the G-1 Marine Base. He was one of the five vice admirals who had led the Buster Call on Enies Lobby.


Momonga is a man with a black mohawk and a mustache (dark red in the anime). He wears the standard marine uniform, consisting of a purple and white pinstripe suit with a coat draped over his shoulders, like Kizaru. Underneath his coat lies a dark blue shirt and a light blue tie. He is of average height and very well-built. He carries around his weapon of choice, a katana, either attached to his right hip or on his shoulder.

In his youth, he wore a marine cap and had not yet grown a mustache.

Twenty-seven years ago Momonga looked the same, except his mustache was much longer and thinner, and his mohawk was arranged in a different style, pointing forward.


Momonga is very serious. He is stern and dead set on completing all of his missions. As of yet, it is uncertain what type of "Justice" he follows, although he appears to be sincerely concerned on the welfare of his subordinates. However, he is sometimes easily annoyed by their incompetence, as seen when they quickly fell for Hancock's charms.

He is apparently instinctive, being that he figured out a way to block the effects of Boa Hancock's Mero Mero Mellow beam in mere seconds. Although he is not completely immune to her beauty, he is at least resilient enough to not be completely captivated by her charms.

Momonga also appears to value etiquette and civility, as he was quickly disgusted by the atrocious behavior of many despicable Level 6 inmates in Impel Down when a large number of them began hooting and hollering at the sight of Boa Hancock and said disgusting things to Magellan, which he found highly undignified and vulgar.

Abilities and Powers

As a vice admiral within the marines, Momonga has respectable abilities in both mind and body. When he waits to "collect" Hancock, he kills a Sea King from the inside. Similarly, he is able to block Hancock's Devil Fruit abilities by stabbing his hand with a knife, using pain to block the lust that consumed the rest of his crew and turned them into stone. Hancock stated that it was his experience that prevented him from being affected by her power. Momonga also leaves Hancock with a warning that even without his men he is still dangerous.

Physical Abilities

Momonga has incredible strength as he was able to easily kill a Sea King which is tough enough to resist gunfire and cannonballs without taking any damage. Momonga is also extremely agile, as shortly after he dived inside the Sea King's stomach through the mouth, he swiftly killed it. He has a strong tolerance to pain as he readily stabbed his own hand to resist the effects of Hancock's petrification powers.


Momonga can use at least two of the Rokushiki techniques. During the Summit War of Marineford, he is seen using Soru and Geppo against Monkey D. Luffy.


Momonga is a highly proficient and powerful swordsman, as seen when he could kill a Sea King with his sword from the inside of its belly. He is seen employing swordsmanship with his Rokushiki techniques. In the anime, he could cleanly slice Panz Fry's gigantic soup ladle made of metal and also take down the giant in a single slash.


Momonga carries around a katana with a flower-shaped octofoil tsuba and a brown hilt-wrapping, attached to his right hip, which may suggest that he's either left-handed or ambidextrous. He also has a tanto, which he used to inflict pain on himself to prevent himself from getting petrified by Hancock's Mero Mero no Mi.


Like all vice admirals, Momonga is capable of using Haki. He possesses the ability to use Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki.

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