Hanagasa is a member of the Jellyfish Pirates. He appears in One Piece Film: Red.


Hanagasa is a large, muscular, fair-skinned man with long grey hair that resembles seaweed. He has a thin nose, large mouth, and small eyes with dark circles around them. He wears blue pants, a purple belt with a grey belt loop, brown boots with metal cuffs, a purple armband on his left elbow, and a metal band on his right arm with purple gems on it. He also wears a purple cloak on his head, which makes him look like a jellyfish.


One Piece Film: Red
Hanagasa and his crewmates participated in Uta's concert on Elegia.


His name is likely derived from the Flower hat jelly, known in Japanese as hanagasakurage (ハナガサクラゲ?). This fits the jellyfish theme of his crew.

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