Rockstar is a member of the Red Hair Pirates, being relatively new in the crew two years ago.


Rockstar is a fairly tall and burly man with dark skin and a red liberty-spikes-like hairstyle. He wears a colorful attire composed of a dark-purple, double-breasted coat (with buttons similar to Magellan's), left open on his chest to reveal a light-orange, wide-collared shirt, and a red foulard around his neck. He has a yellow sash tied around his waist, that instead of hanging only on one side, like seen on most of the other pirates, hangs down on both sides. He wears light-blue pants and brown boots and carries around a green-hilted saber, hanging on his left hip from a belt he has over the right shoulder.


A confident man, Rockstar demonstrates a great sense of pride. When he was insulted by Whitebeard's men, he wanted to fight them because they had damaged his honor. He also tried to use the strength of his captain to back up the importance of the letter he delivered to Whitebeard. He seems very loyal to his captain, sticking up for him in front of Whitebeard.

Rockstar has a strong sense of justice and wants other to always follow rules.

Abilities and Powers

Rockstar is currently considered a heavy-hitter of the Red Hair Pirates, a crew led by one of the Four Emperors, which attests to his strength. However, he does not hold the rank of officer. Before the timeskip, he was still a newcomer in the crew but held a 94,000,000 bounty from his previous pirating career. He attacks with a smashing sword-style that allows him to dig a hole like a drill.



Like most of Shanks' crew members, little is known about him. However, he claimed to have once been a famous and big-time pirate.

Sky Island Saga
Jaya Arc

Shanks sent him to deliver a message to Whitebeard, which the pirate captain promptly ripped up, going along with Shanks' prediction anyway. Whitebeard was also insulted by the fact that Shanks did not talk to him in person and instead sent a newcomer from his crew. Even so, Rockstar wanted to fight Whitebeard to reclaim his honor, but Shanks told him it was not a big deal and to pull back.

Water 7 Saga
Post-Enies Lobby Arc

When Shanks arrives on Whitebeard's ship, there is a scene in the manga of Lucky Roux, Benn Beckman and Yasopp with Rockstar visible in the background.

Four Emperors Saga
From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc

After the timeskip, Rockstar and members of the Red Hair Pirates were seen attending a wedding at the ruins of a certain island.

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