Gordon is the former king of Elegia Kingdom and the foster parent of Uta. He is a major character in One Piece Film: Red.


Gordon is a tall man with broad shoulders and thin limbs. He has a double chin, and his head is slightly elongated with a scar running across his forehead. The skin on the left side of the scar is of a different color. His head is bald on top, but long gray hair grows on the sides, and he has sideburns. He wears sunglasses and what appear to be headphones. His attire consists of a dull green double-breasted coat with buttons, a frilled white dress shirt and cravat, slim gray pants and leather shoes. He also has a rosary bead with a purple tassel at the hem of his coat.

12 years ago, he lacked the scar on his forehead, had blond hair, and wore a white outfit.


Gordon is a kind-hearted individual, as he raised Uta despite her causing the destruction of his kingdom.

Abilities and Powers

As a former king, Gordon used to have authority over the citizens of Elegia.


Uta was raised by Gordon since the age of 9.


Shanks entrusted Gordon with Uta after he decided to take the blame for Elegia's destruction, indicating the two were on good terms.

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