One Piece - Chapter 1072: Garp's Full Power Reveals

The Spectacular Advanced Haki and Raw Power of The Marine Hero Monkey D. Garp was revealed in this week's One Piece chapter 1072. Roger and Garp were essentially two massive gigachads in their days. Middle aged men who duked it out without devil fruits. Garp throws hands and Roger swings his Supreme Grade sword. Roger’s been confirmed a user of all three types of Haki, and we’ve seen him use contactless blows using Advanced Conqueror’s Haki coating. This either means Garp had such overwhelmingly powerful Armament Haki that he could match a Supreme Grade sword coated with Conqueror’s Haki with just his fists, or, and far more likely, he also possesses Conqueror’s Haki and literally matched Roger, blow for blow.

Here’s my other sort of supporting evidence.

Bloodlines seem to play a role, although it doesn’t appear to be completely necessary. Rayleigh said that you must be born with it, which only a select few are. If it’s completely random, the chances of Conqueror’s Haki being in the same bloodline are insanely minuscule. Yet, somehow the odds line up semi frequently. Big Mom has it and so does Katakuri, one of her strongest kids. Kaido and Yamato too. Roger and Ace as well. If it’s one in millions, how come three notorious pirates have it, as well their kids. Luffy has it, and while we don’t know if Dragon has it or not, or whether he’s the actual son or son-in-law, it might mean Garp has it too.

Garp Will Hunt Teach in One Piece 1072

Last bit of small supporting evidence. Garp’s been offered the position of Admiral several times, which he’s turned down due to disdain of the control he’d be subjected to. I doubt he would’ve been offered the position if he didn’t wield it. The Admirals are one of the balancing forces of the world, in tandem with the Warlords (now Seraphim), against the Emperors. There’s no way these beasts don’t have Conqueror’s Haki, otherwise they’re at a disadvantage, even with their overpowered devil fruits, because their enemies have overpowered devil fruits too. Sengoku’s been confirmed to have it, and he was an Admiral for a while.

So yeah, I think we’ll get a few panels of Garp wreaking havoc on Blackbeard’s island using contactless punches and outward bursts for the fodder.

The Mystery Allied On Egghead

On Egghead Island, the Straw Hat Pirates prepare to depart as Dr. Vegapunk and Bonney are now with the crew and there isn't any more reason for them to stay on the island. The goal of the crew is to get out of there and get Vegapunk to safety. At the same time, they would also want to follow the Log to the next island, however, it appears more and more likely that the crew will not be following the Log for quite a while once again. With the Revolutionary Army likely departing from Momoiro to chase down Kuma and Luffy and his crew setting sail from Egghead Island soon, it is highly likely that the two groups will run into each other at a new location.

Garp Will Hunt Blackbeard

Perhaps the most important part of One Piece 1071 came towards the end when the Marine base G14 was shown to the fans after quite a while. Fans got a small glimpse of it towards the beginning of the arc after captain Koby was captured by Blackbeard. Shortly afterwards, the other members of SWORD were introduced to the fans, which included Vice Admiral Doll. In One Piece 1071, fans saw Garp engage in a conversation with Doll and tell her that he is preparing for an interesting voyage. Garp called out Helmeppo and asked him to get on his ship. It appears that the two will be heading to Beehive Island, where the current Emperor of the Sea, Blackbeard is.

Interestingly, at the same time, fans must remember that Blackbeard is engaging Trafalgar Law in the New World somewhere. Whether Koby is on his ship or kept a prisoner at Beehive Island is not known. Either way, Garp is most likely to engage Blackbeard in combat soon and this is something that fans would love to see very much. Garp is a legendary figure in the One Piece world and seeing him engage in combat would certainly give immense joy to all the fans of the series. Undoubtedly, One Piece 1071 was incredible from start to finish and marks the beginning of 2023 for the series in quite some fashion.

When Does One Piece 1072 Release?

One Piece will not have a regular release schedule for quite a while. After 1071, the manga is set to go on a one-week break, however, the return will see the chapter get released slightly earlier. One Piece 10721 will be released on January 13, 2023, according to Manga Spurs. Fans can read the chapter for free on the Blog.

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