Who Is Miss Buckingham Stussy In One Piece?

We have Miss Buckingham Stussy, who is a former member of the Rocks Pirates. Then we have Stussy, who is the current member of the CP0 agents. Biologically, we are talking about one person here, but we just need to know who is the original and who is the clone. Stussy is the clone of “Miss Buckingham Stussy,” a former member of the Rocks Pirates, and her full powers and potential are currently in question. Since we are talking about clones, this means that they looked the same, just that the other one might be younger. Stussy has demonstrated biting abilities and vampire-like wings. We have never seen this form of her before as we haven’t seen her in battle before. She managed to bite Kaku, putting her to sleep, and for now, this is as much information as we got. She also revealed her loyalty to Vegapunk as she stopped the CP0 agents that were currently fighting the Strawhats despite her being an agent of the World Government.

Ms. Bakkin

Then next, she targets Lucci and intends to put him to sleep by biting him. Stussy is the first successful human clone of MADS, meaning that she is the only one of her kind. As a former member of the Rocks pirates, she must have strange and very powerful abilities, and if we consider that all of the Rocks Pirates were very powerful and legendary characters. Then this would mean that there is a lot we are yet to find out about her. Stussy has displayed flying abilities with Vampire wings, and she also has Vampire fangs. She displayed an ability to bite people and put them to sleep, something that is also common in vampires. Since Stussy is a clone of Miss Buckingham Stussy and given that a clone only takes the biological form of its original without any alterations or biological changes that might have come after birth, then it’s likely she has no devil fruit powers. Remember, in One Piece, we have so many races. The Long Arms, the Long Necks, Giants, Snake Necks, and so on. But we have never seen a vampire tribe in the storyline before. The world of One Piece is so vast that we can literally have any kind of creature in existence. We should also keep in mind that we have the Lunarians that used to live on top of the Redline. But their species has declined. So it would not be surprising that we come across the vampire tribe at this time. Another thing to point out here could be that one of the reasons why the World Government might have tried to clone Stussy might be that her race of vampires might have been in decline. Well, they might as well have her have a child of her own. But that might not have produced a pure-blood Vampire in case she was the last member. Looking back at Stussy’s abilities and the possibility that they could be Devil Fruit powers. Then those chances might have been slim because Vegapunk has already revealed the difficulties of reproducing devil fruits. And if we look back, then such technology might not have existed back then.

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