One Piece 1089: The Siege Incident

  • We get people reacting to the news about Garp in the newspaper.
  • We see Makino child looking excitedly at luffy's picture.
  • There's news about disasters occurring around the world.
  • We get stuff about the disappearance of Lulusia. There's a giant hole where Lulusia used to be. The sea levels around it are elevated.
Lulusia Kingdom

  • We return to Egghead and a lot of Vice Admirals are coming with Kizaru and Saturn. There's a discussion about how to block all exits from Egghead.
saturn vs luffy

  • There's a small flashback with Vegapunk, Sentomaru and Kizaru.
  • At the end of the chapter, York calls the Gorosei and says "Save me from Luffy", and we see a double page spread of the Straw Hats.
  • Magazine break next week

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