Ryomen Sukuna

Ryomen Sukuna, commonly known as Sukuna, stands as the most formidable jujutsu sorcerer from a millennium past. Recognized as the unchallenged King of Curses, Sukuna assumes a pivotal antagonist role in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. Legend recounts Sukuna's existence as an Imaginary Demon during the Heian Era, yet, in truth, he was a sorcerer also known as the Disgraced One. Despite the valiant efforts of jujutsu sorcerers during the Golden Age of Jujutsu, they fell before his might one after another. Sukuna persevered through the ages by assuming the form of a cursed object after death, fragmenting his power into twenty invincible fingers. Sukuna's reincarnation transpired in June 2018, when Yuji Itadori consumed one of his fingers. Trapped within Yuji's body, Sukuna seldom held sway until he successfully transmigrated his soul into Megumi Fushiguro's form. Sukuna is characterized by his selfish, callous, unscrupulous, and exceedingly sadistic nature. Upon his rebirth shortly after Yuji's ingestion of his finger, he made comments alluding to the ruthless slaughter of women and children, likening them to wriggling maggots. His staggering power often leads him to disregard the consequences of his actions, even if they impact his host, Yuji Itadori. He frequently derides and mocks Yuji, deeming him a mere child, and relishes in Yuji's moments of despair on multiple occasions.
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In the Golden Age of Jujutsu during the Heian Era, Ryomen Sukuna commanded reverence and awe as the era's most formidable sorcerer, vanquishing thousands of jujutsu sorcerers who honed their skills against him. Notably, he single-handedly obliterated both the Sun-Moon-Stars and the Five Empty Generals, leaving their corpses unrecognizable, instilling terror in the Japanese authorities, who were compelled to hold ceremonies in his honor. Sukuna's indelible mark on history earned him the titles of the "Strongest Sorcerer In History" and the "King of Curses," solidifying his reputation as the most potent Cursed Spirit in recorded history. His power remains so highly regarded that even Satoru Gojo, the preeminent jujutsu sorcerer of the modern age, known for his pride and confidence in his abilities, acknowledged that a confrontation between them would be a formidable challenge. Sukuna's dominion over cursed energy is unparalleled, a testament to his innate power and his fitting title as the King of Curses. He wields this power with seamless expertise, demonstrating exceptional proficiency in both Domain Expansion and Reverse Cursed Technique, executing them with flawless precision and consistency. Hajime Kashimo, a distinguished sorcerer from four centuries past, marveled at Sukuna's mastery of his cursed energy, attesting that even Satoru Gojo, absent the Six Eyes, would face a formidable challenge in matching Sukuna's utilization of cursed energy.
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Sukuna harbors an undisclosed Binding Vow with Yuji, a pact in which Sukuna undertakes to resurrect the boy following his apparent demise during the Fearsome Womb Arc. This pact entails two conditions: firstly, Yuji must yield control to Sukuna for a full minute when the incantation "Enchain" is uttered, and secondly, Yuji must forget the terms of their agreement. Initially hesitant, Yuji negotiated with Sukuna, stipulating that Sukuna refrain from causing harm or taking lives during that minute. However, Yuji ultimately succumbed to defeat in their ensuing battle, compelling him to honor the Binding Vow. Sukuna's specific cursed technique remains undisclosed. He has demonstrated the use of his cursed energy to manifest imperceptible slashes, a technique characterized by its elusive nature. Additionally, Sukuna has exhibited mastery over fire-based abilities, invoked by the chant "Open. Dismantle (解 Kai)." Notably, Sukuna's fire manipulation surpasses that of Jogo, an unregistered special-grade curse known for his devastating pyrokinetic powers. Sukuna's Reverse Cursed Technique proficiency is notable, particularly during his incarnation within Yuji's body. He swiftly healed injuries, including the rapid regeneration of lost limbs, showcasing the technique's remarkable potency. Moreover, Sukuna extended his mastery to heal others, a skill reserved for a select few. His unparalleled expertise in Reverse Cursed Technique even enabled him to revitalize his own burnt-out Cursed Technique, a feat believed by many to be impossible. Domain Amplification, a technique utilized by Sukuna, entails an amplification of his cursed energy into an aura housing his personal Domain. This technique allows Sukuna to bypass Gojo's Limitless Technique, enabling physical interaction with him. Malevolent Shrine, Sukuna's Domain Expansion, conjures a Buddhist shrine adorned with skulls. Unique in its nature, Malevolent Shrine eschews the creation of a separate space through a barrier. Instead, a binding vow is established by offering an escape route, vastly expanding the effective area of the guaranteed strike, with a maximum radius approaching 200 meters.

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