Yuji Itadori

Yuji Itadori stands as the central figure in the Jujutsu Kaisen narrative, born to Jin and Kaori Itadori, and carrying the lineage of Wasuke Itadori. Initially leading an ordinary life, his fate took a dramatic turn when he crossed paths with Megumi and consumed one of Sukuna's fingers. This event marked the beginning of his journey as Sukuna's vessel, leading him to Tokyo Jujutsu High alongside fellow first-year students Megumi and Nobara. Yuji possesses a strong sense of fairness and genuine concern for the autonomy of others, regardless of his level of connection with them. He places great value on the sanctity of life, endeavoring to ensure that every individual meets their end with dignity. This ethical stance forbids him from taking a human life, except as a last resort.
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In addition to his composed demeanor and friendly nature, Yuji exhibits a lively and outgoing side, often sharing light-hearted moments with Nobara and expressing eagerness to train with Gojo. He demonstrates unwavering determination towards achieving his goals, even when met with opposition, as exemplified when questioned by Yaga about his desire to become a sorcerer. Yuji's relative inexperience in dealing with cursed spirits and jujutsu sorcerers contrasts with his remarkable ability to swiftly adapt and harness cursed energy. Witnessing the malevolence of curses, particularly Mahito's exploitation of Junpei, triggers a deep-seated anger within him, culminating in a focused aversion towards the cursed spirit.
jujutsu kaisen
A defining trait of Yuji is his willingness to sacrifice himself for the well-being of others, a sentiment instilled by his grandfather's parting words. This ethos is exemplified when he consumes Sukuna's finger to exorcise a curse and save himself and Megumi, even though they had only just met. Yuji draws his cursed energy from Ryomen Sukuna, a special grade curse, and displays adeptness in manipulating this energy. Initially favoring the Divergent Fist technique, he later refines his skills, incorporating techniques like Black Flash, which generates a powerful burst of energy upon impact. Currently, Yuji can consecutively execute Black Flash four times. Additionally, Yuji maintains an unspoken agreement with Sukuna, allowing the cursed spirit to possess him for one minute upon hearing the chant "Enchain." This pact was forged in exchange for Sukuna's promise to revive Yuji after his apparent demise in the Cursed Womb Arc. Notably, Yuji wields the Slaughter Demon, a cursed tool bestowed by Satoru Gojo and once belonging to Maki Zenin, highly effective against curses. It met its end at the hands of a special grade Finger Bearer.

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