Manga: One Piece 1090 - Everything You Need To Know

The upcoming release of One Piece chapter 1090 is set for August 21 at 12am JST, but there's a delay this time due to a festival holiday in Japan that has prompted Shounen Jump to take a break. Throughout the course of the Final Saga, One Piece has encountered a number of hiatus periods. After a month-long pause, the series swiftly resumed, only to have two more breaks follow shortly thereafter. However, this time around, all Shonen Jump manga releases are being postponed due to the holiday occasion. The Final Saga is delving into some significant revelations about the Void Century and encompassing crucial global events. While the narrative delves into the Reverie flashback, the Kid and Heart Pirates' defeat, and the Hachinosu incident, the escapades of the Straw Hat crew have receded into the background. In the most recent chapter, they briefly make an appearance before the story takes another breather. As per insights from a leaker in the One Piece community, chapter 1090 is expected to be exceptionally thrilling. This anticipation is certainly valid since viewers will witness Admiral Kizaru in action after a prolonged absence.


One Piece 1090 - Everything You Need To Know

A formidable figure in the series, he previously emerged during the Sabaody and Marineford Wars arcs. Yet, Kizaru's appearances have been sparse since those wars. Now, he's making his way to Egghead Island to apprehend Vegapunk and lay hands on the Straw Hat crew. Despite the crew's remarkable growth following the time skip, the impending encounter with the Admiral presents an intriguing challenge to measure their newfound strengths. Similarly, the delay in the spoiler process for One Piece Chapter 1090 has heightened fans' apprehension about the unfolding events in the Egghead Island arc. Although there's a possibility of spoilers emerging this week, the conspicuous absence of updates from the prominent series leaker Redon has left many fans feeling uneasy. Consequently, fan discussions have revolved around their speculative expectations for One Piece Chapter 1090. While certainty about the specific occurrences in the upcoming installment remains elusive, there are certain overarching events and narrative trajectories that can be reasonably anticipated. With the Straw Hat crew and their current allies reuniting as they step into One Piece Chapter 1090, it's likely that the chapter will primarily delve into outlining the group's forthcoming strategies. However, the unpredictable influences of characters like Luffy and other variables within the party might throw a wrench into even the most carefully laid plans. Nonetheless, the upcoming release might still unveil a solidified strategy. This could potentially be preceded by a concise flashback that succinctly narrates how the Straw Hats regrouped and highlights other pivotal developments during this period. It's improbable that this would be an in-depth exploration of these events, since Oda probably wouldn't have shown the Straw Hats already united by the end of Chapter 1089 if he intended to delve deeply into the backstory. In any case, One Piece Chapter 1090 will likely shift its focus to the anticipated moves of the Marines. As witnessed in the previous chapter, Kizaru and his comrades on Egghead Island had already initiated discussions on how to capture the Straw Hats, starting with thwarting their escape from the island. This setup will probably lead to an introduction of the Marine HQ Vice Admirals who have assembled to confront the Straw Hats on Egghead Island. Furthermore, there should be a breakdown of the units each Vice Admiral will lead, along with their respective objectives. This is likely to mirror the Straw Hats' plans to some extent, hinting at the possible battle matchups awaiting fans. From this point forward, predicting the exact trajectory of One Piece Chapter 1090 becomes more challenging. The most plausible scenario involves either the Straw Hats or the Marines initiating their actions and carrying out their strategies. Likewise, the conclusion of the upcoming issue may focus on the side that begins mobilizing, setting the tone for the ensuing release.

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