Akira Tendou

Akira Tendou takes center stage in Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead. Formerly a victim of an oppressive workplace, he's also the creative mind behind the Bucket List. Akira is a lean, energetic young man with tousled, dark hair and eyes to match. His attire includes a green jacket over a crisp white shirt, complemented by black pants and a pair of vibrant, multicolored shoes. Initially, he harbored high hopes and a sunny outlook on life. However, years of enduring the grind of a harsh work environment left him worn out, bordering on despair.

With the onset of the zombie apocalypse, Akira found a newfound sense of liberation, embracing life's experiences with a childlike enthusiasm. Recognizing that the world's end, along with his own, might be imminent, he cast aside the restraints of his previous life, unleashing pent-up emotions and desires that had been suppressed during his years of mistreatment.

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

This transformation turned Akira into a man who relishes the present moment, making decisions that might not be the most rational or effective in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. However, these choices allow him to savor the pleasures of life that were once out of reach. As a former Rugby athlete, Akira is in peak physical form, effortlessly outpacing hordes of zombies and effortlessly surmounting obstacles without breaking stride. He navigates down buildings with grace and minimal risk of injury. In the anime adaptation, he demonstrates an almost superhuman ability to leap from great heights, a feat that would be fatal for most, yet he emerges unscathed, cushioned by trees, even managing to shatter part of the ceiling he lands on, crushing the zombies beneath.

In a face-off with his former boss, now transformed into a grotesque, bloated zombie, Akira's strength defies human limits. He propels the monstrous figure through a door and out a window, sending him plummeting to his demise.

Within his group, Akira assumes the role of a primary combatant. Equipped with a specially designed aquarium suit, resistant to even shark bites, he engages in close-quarters combat without fear of infection. While not entirely impervious, the suit shields him from zombie bites, although the force of their attacks can still cause harm. Nevertheless, Akira exhibits remarkable resilience, enduring the onslaught of the formidable Zombie Shark, whose sheer mass makes its attacks highly perilous. Remarkably, he emerges from the ordeal without lasting harm.

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