K-drama: Moving Episodes 14 And 15 Release Dates

"Moving" is a supernatural K-drama that revolves around the lives of three high school students, Kim Bong Seok, Jang Hee Soo, and Lee Gang Hoon, each possessing unique supernatural abilities. As they embark on their high school journey, they must conceal their extraordinary powers while their parents work tirelessly to shield them from potential exploitation.

If you've been following the captivating storyline of "Moving," you're undoubtedly eager to learn about the release date for its upcoming episodes. Your curiosity is about to be satisfied!

Where Can I Watch "Moving" Season 1?

You can catch "Moving" on Disney+ Hotstar, where it will be available for a global audience. Furthermore, viewers in the United States can anticipate its appearance on Hulu at a later date. Keep in mind that this is an exclusive original series, so these platforms will be your sole destinations for watching it.

Release Date for Episodes 14 & 15 of "Moving"

Episodes 14 and 15 of "Moving" are set to make their debut simultaneously on Wednesday, September 6th, at approximately 8 a.m. (GMT) or 4 a.m. (ET). Both episodes are expected to maintain a duration of around 40-45 minutes, aligning with the show's established timeframe.

Moving Episodes 14 And 15 Updates

How Many Episodes Will "Moving" Season 1 Consist Of?

"Moving" Season 1 is slated to encompass a total of 20 episodes. The series kicked off with a bang, releasing seven episodes on its premiere date. Subsequently, two episodes will be unveiled weekly. Lastly, the show will conclude with a gripping three-episode finale at a later juncture.

With this in mind, viewers can look forward to five more captivating episodes following the release of these next installments.

What Unfolded in Episode 15?

For an in-depth exploration of the events that transpired in Episode 15, check out our comprehensive recap. We delve deep into the episode's intricacies and offer our insights in the accompanying review! Stay tuned for the link to our "Moving – Episode 15 Recap & Review" (coming soon!).

Predictions for Moving Episode 14:

As the series concludes its flashback sequences involving Ju-won, Mi-hyun, and Doo-sik, the upcoming episode is poised to shift its focus to the younger generation and the imminent threats they face. With the revelation that North Korea possesses individuals with superhuman abilities, tensions escalate as they deploy these superhumans to South Korea, with the intent to neutralize everyone with extraordinary powers and capture the nation.

The teenagers find themselves in grave danger, prompting the remaining adults with superpowers to band together to protect their children. Simultaneously, the younger individuals begin to harness and employ their powers strategically for self-defense. The truth about their abilities is unveiled to them, fostering a united front as both generations prepare for the impending conflict.

Furthermore, new young characters possessing superpowers are introduced, bolstering the prospects of a successful rebellion by the final team. The return of Doo-sik remains uncertain, but there might be subtle hints or scenes alluding to his potential reappearance. Amidst these tumultuous developments, Mi-hyun and Ju-won are anticipated to reunite, providing each other with much-needed support.

Recap of Moving Episodes 12 and 13:

In Moving Episode 12, Doo-sik resurfaces and is subsequently apprehended by the Namsan agency. He shares a clandestine plan with Mi-hyun, advising her to make it appear as though she betrayed him to deter Mr. Min's retaliatory actions. Following this scheme, Mi-hyun is terminated, Doo-sik vanishes, and the agency disbands.

Despite months passing, Mi-hyun continues to wait for Doo-sik. To her astonishment, he returns on a snowy night, fulfilling his promise. The two lovers marry and welcome their newborn son, Bong-seok. They reside in a secluded village, earning a living through farming, always vigilant for the looming threat posed by Mr. Min and his team. One day, they witness their baby floating, indicating that he has inherited his father's powers.

As expected, the newly formed Black Op team reemerges to apprehend Doo-sik and his family. Doo-sik once again sacrifices himself to protect his loved ones and departs with the agency. Mi-hyun relocates with Bong-seok to a distant location to raise him in secrecy. The subsequent episode delves into Jang Ju-won's life after the agency's dissolution.

Ju-won joins the general affairs department and resides in the civil servants' apartment with his wife, Ji-hee. He grapples with the challenges of his office work, especially due to his lack of computer skills. When he contemplates resigning, he realizes that he would lose his apartment and is compelled to continue working. His sole source of happiness remains Ji-hee, providing him with solace in the absence of Mi-hyun and Doo-sik.

However, when Mr. Min regains his former power and reassembles the Black Op team, Ju-won is recruited back into the world of superhumans. Although he finds a renewed sense of purpose, he longs for his partner, Doo-sik. In his first mission, he encounters North Korean superhumans, stirring trepidation. Gradually, with his new team, he embarks on missions in service to his country.

Ji-hee and Ju-won welcome their daughter, Hee-soo, and they cherish a contented life together. Tragedy strikes when Ju-won receives news of an accident during a mission, leading to Ji-hee's demise. Fortunately, their daughter, Hee-soo, miraculously survives. Witnessing his daughter's self-healing abilities, Ju-won realizes that she has inherited his power.

Overwhelmed with grief, Ju-won attends his wife's memorial alone, as she was his sole family. He makes a heartfelt promise to care for their daughter, gazing at Ji-hee's photograph.


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