One Piece Manga 1104 Chapters Breakdown

One Piece chapter 1104 is anticipated to shed light on Luffy's predicament. In the preceding chapter, fans witnessed Luffy's immobilization after exhausting himself by employing Gear 5 for an extended duration. His need for sustenance to replenish stamina becomes a focal point, and a mysterious entity intervenes by providing him with food, potentially becoming a central focus in the upcoming One Piece 1104. Two likely candidates for this secretive benefactor are Kizaru, the Marine Admiral with a soft spot for characters like Bonney and Sentomaru, or Caribou, who has been absent for some time. Kizaru's inclination to minimize damage and ensure the survival of certain individuals, coupled with Caribou's need for a role in the arc, makes them plausible contenders.

One Piece (English Version) - Chapter 1104

Whether it's Kizaru or Caribou, the assistance sets the stage for Luffy's recovery and his imminent participation in the confrontation against Saturn. Once Luffy regains strength, his transformation into Nika is expected, and he will swiftly engage in battle. The impending clash between Luffy and Saturn stands as the highlight of the arc, promising excitement for fans. Kuma's likely defeat by Saturn due to insufficient strength sets the stage for Luffy's intervention. In a pivotal moment, Luffy is poised to save Kuma, rescue Bonney, and initiate the final battle of the Egghead Island arc. As the Warrior of Liberation, Luffy faces a crucial test. The outcome of this battle determines the fate of everyone on Egghead Island, and failure is not an option. The only escape route is to confront one of the Five Elders, a task that Luffy must undertake to showcase Nika's defiance against the oppression of the Celestial Dragons. The impending events mark a significant turning point in the narrative, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the resolution. However, the unfolding story will have to wait, as One Piece is set for an extended break due to the New Year holidays. Fans must exercise patience during the three-week hiatus before discovering how Luffy and Kuma navigate the challenges on Egghead Island in the next chapter.

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