Chainsaw Man: Predictions for Yoru's actions following his reunion with the Control Devil

Fans of Tatsuki Fujimoto's Chainsaw Man manga eagerly await the upcoming arc as excitement builds. Recently, the series has introduced the possibility of a meeting between Asa Mitaka, the host of the War Devil Yoru, and Nayuta, the Control Devil, as Asa is invited to Denji's house for a second date. While it's uncertain when and how the encounter will take place, fans anticipate the two Devils will interact in some way before the date ends. This has sparked speculation about Yoru's potential actions and reactions upon reuniting with the Control Devil, with many fans speculating on the most likely possibilities.

In the upcoming issues of Chainsaw Man, fans may see Yoru, the War Devil, attempt to form an alliance with the Control Devil against the Famine Devil, Fami. The nature of their relationship is currently unknown, but it is speculated that Yoru and Fami may have a confrontational relationship. As a result, Yoru may try to persuade the Control Devil to join forces with her to take down Fami. The outcome of this potential alliance will depend on the Control Devil's reaction and their history together.

With the recent revelation that Denji is the titular hero of the series, it is unlikely that Yoru would attempt to recruit the Control Devil to fight against him. Instead, she may seek to ally with her sister against a common enemy, such as the Famine Devil, Fami. However, the relationship between Yoru and the Control Devil is not yet known, so it is also possible that Yoru may have other motives for interacting with her sister. One possibility is that Yoru may try to gather information about the Death Devil, the last of the Four Horsemen Devils to be introduced in the series.

In the upcoming issues of Chainsaw Man, Yoru may seek to gather information from the Control Devil, Nayuta, before attempting to form an alliance with her against their common enemy, the Famine Devil, Fami. However, there is also a possibility that Yoru may have other motives and may ultimately aim to eliminate the Control Devil. As the series progresses and the second date between Asa and Denji unfolds, it is important for fans to keep an open mind and be prepared for any developments that the author, Tatsuki Fujimoto, may present.

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