Does Sister Lily in Black Clover possess dual magic attributes?

The upcoming issue of Black Clover has sparked a lot of excitement among fans, particularly regarding the upcoming confrontation between Sister Lily and Asta. Fans are discussing various aspects of the characters, such as their strengths and past interactions.

One topic of discussion among fans is Sister Lily's magic attributes. Some fans have noticed that she is able to use a combination spell on her own, which has led to speculation that she has two individual magic attributes. However, it should be noted that this interpretation is not entirely accurate and may not fully describe her abilities.

Sister Lily's use of a combo spell in the upcoming issue of Black Clover has caused some confusion among fans, as it appears to contradict established rules within the series.

When Sister Lily is first introduced in the manga, she is shown to have the Water Magic attribute, as revealed through her use of the Holy Fist of Love spell. For most of the series, this is the only magic attribute that Sister Lily is shown to have. In the Black Clover universe, it is established that it is almost impossible for anyone to acquire a second magic attribute, with the exception of Yuno Grinberryall, who has unique circumstances.

This established rule has led fans to believe that Sister Lily only possesses one magic attribute throughout the series. However, in the final arc, an event occurs where Lucius Zogratis, the true identity of Julius Novachrono, takes Sister Lily hostage and it is revealed that she has a second magic attribute.

Sister Lily's ability to use a combo spell in the upcoming issue of Black Clover can be explained by her becoming a Paladin in the final arc of the series. Paladins are human mages who have been bestowed with purified devils by Lucius Zogratis. As the host of an incarnated devil, Paladins receive immense magic power, mortal bodies, enhanced wisdom, and the magic attributes of their associated devils.

When Sister Lily became a Paladin, she received the purified soul and powers of the devil Beelzebub. Beelzebub is the same devil that was once the host of Zenon Zogratis, granting him the ability to use Spatial Magic. As a result, Sister Lily is now able to use Spatial Magic after becoming a Paladin with Beelzebub’s soul.

It's important to note that Sister Lily's second magic attribute does not belong to her and will likely be taken away once the Paladin transformation is undone. The ability to use Spatial Magic comes from being a Paladin made with Beelzebub's soul, and it is not her own magic attribute.

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