Ranking of Ichigo's Forms in Bleach, from least to most powerful

Up until now, Bleach anime fans have been surprised to learn that Ichigo is a Quincy due to his mother's heritage. Previously, it was only known that his father was a Shinigami who lost his powers and chose to live as a human. With the latest development in the Bleach Thousand Year Blood War (TYBW) season 1, Ichigo has obtained a new Bankai forged by the Blade God, which will aid him in the upcoming battle against the Quincy's attack on Soul Society.

However, this is not the end of Ichigo's transformation journey. Over the years, fans have witnessed Ichigo's progression through various stages, each time with a change in appearance, but gaining unique powers. Instead, his strength and speed have grown exponentially with each form. As fans eagerly anticipate the return of Bleach TYBW cour 2, here is a list of Ichigo's forms ranked by their power.

List of Ichigo's Forms in Bleach in ascending order of power:

Human Form - Ichigo's human form was his original state before gaining Shinigami powers or discovering his Quincy heritage. Despite being a human, Ichigo was no ordinary person and frequently found himself in dangerous fights and helping the spirits he could see.

Shinigami Form - After being stabbed by Rukia and receiving some of her Reiatsu, Ichigo gained a Zanpakuto and became a substitute Shinigami. In this form, he cleared Hollows from Karakura Town and also visited the Soul Society to battle powerful and skilled Shinigami. 

Bankai Form - Ichigo acquired his Bankai form by completing special training with Yoruichi on Urahara's suggestion, in order to defeat Byakuya and save Rukia. Unlike his previous massive Shikai, Ichigo's new blade was sleek and lithe, but its true power was demonstrated when he returned to confront Byakuya.

Hollowfied Ichigo - Despite achieving Bankai form, it was not enough to defeat Byakuya. As a result, Ichigo's hidden Hollow form manifested, resulting in a Hollow mask on his face. Although powerful in this form, Ichigo lost control of his body and mind, and was only able to function effectively once he regained control.

Full Hollow Ichigo - Ichigo was consumed by his Hollow side while training with the Visored to control it. Internally, he transformed into White Ichigo, and externally, he resembled a Hollow, complete with a mask. This form was more animalistic and powerful than his previous Hollow form.

Hollow Mask Ichigo - After gaining control of his White Hollow, Ichigo was able to wear his Hollow mask in battles. When combined with his Bankai form, the mask enhanced his abilities, making him stronger than in his natural state. He was able to defeat Grimmjow in this form.

Fullbring Ichigo - After losing his Shinigami powers during his battle with Aizen, Ichigo discovered that he could tap into an alternate source of power because his mother had survived a Hollow attack. He trained until a sword and bony armor appeared on him. However, he lost his Fullbring powers and required Rukia's help to regain his Shinigami status.

Vasto Lorde Ichigo - During his battle with Ulquiorra, Ichigo's chest was ripped open by Ulquiorra's Cero Oscuras. Despite coming back to life for his friends, he took on a new form, wearing a new Hollow mask with long horns. He easily defeated the Espada, but lost control and couldn't distinguish between friends and foes.

Dangai Form - Ichigo trained for three months with his Hollow-fied Tensa Zangetsu in order to defeat Aizen, who had fused with the Hogyoku. His Zanpakuto merged with him through a chain that wrapped around his arm, and his abilities were demonstrated when he stopped Aizen's sword attack with his bare hands.

Final Getsuga Tenshou Ichigo - Ichigo's incredible Final Getsuga Tenshou form is the next step in the process of merging with his Zangetsu and manifesting its spirit through his blade and body. The Hogyoku's constant evolution necessitated this perplexing but necessary next step. It is called the Final Getsuga Tenshou because when Ichigo uses it, he loses all of his Shinigami abilities. In this form, he easily defeated Aizen.

True Shikai Ichigo - In Bleach, after losing to Yhwach and having his Bankai broken by Haschwalt, Ichigo went to the Royal Palace to have it repaired. Oetsu Nimaiya assisted him in locating his true Zanpakuto, which comprised of two blades representing his Quincy and Hollow-Shinigami sides. This was a powerup for him because he bonded with the blade and invested his soul in it.

True Bankai Ichigo - Ichigo's Zanpakuto's two blades can be combined to reveal a more powerful Bankai. The smaller blade simply fit into the larger one's hollow space, resulting in the final Tensa Zangetsu. Ichigo's appearance changed in this form as well, with stripes on his face and a horn on his head.

Pure Form - In Bleach, Ichigo's pure form appeared at the end of his fight with Yhwach. His Zanpakuto was broken once more, this time by the Quincy King, who had risen to unfathomable heights of power. A new blade emerged from the broken Bankai, resembling Ichigo's original Shikai, which cut through Yhwach. Ichigo appears to be his normal human self in this form as well.

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