Physical 100 Rigged Finale and Contestant Controversy

After the finale of Physical: 100, a popular reality competition show on Netflix, allegations of a rigged competition have emerged. The South Korean show's final episode aired on February 25 and since then, viewers have claimed that the winner of the ₩300 million KRW (approximately $245,000 USD) grand prize, Woo Jin Young, may not have been the rightful winner. According to reports, viewers believe that Jung Hae Min should have won the grand prize instead. The controversy centers around the final game, in which contestants had to pull ropes. Viewers noted that Woo Jin Young's spool of rope appeared to be easier to pull, leading some to believe that the final quest was manipulated in his favor. When questioned by media outlets, Woo Jin Young refused to comment on the issue. In response to the allegations, Netflix released an official statement stating that they had confirmed with the production team at MBC that there were no technical issues with the game equipment. They also clarified that Jung Hae Min did not request a rematch. Despite Netflix's statement, the controversy surrounding the finale of Physical: 100 continues to generate discussion among viewers.

Physical 100 Finale

Reports have emerged regarding the final episode of the South Korean reality competition series, Physical: 100, which aired on February 25. Allegations have surfaced suggesting that the finale was rigged in favor of Woo Jin Young over Jung Hae Min, who many viewers believe should have won the grand prize of ₩300 million KRW (approximately $245,000 USD). Viewers have pointed out that in the rope-pulling game, Woo Jin Young's spool of rope appeared to be easier to pull, leading to suspicions of foul play. Furthermore, there are claims that the final quest was played in three rounds due to technical issues. According to sources, Jung Hae Min was winning the first round but the competition was stopped when Woo Jin Young raised concerns about his equipment. Despite production staff finding no issue, the competition was restarted after lubrication was added and the difficulty level was altered. In the second round, Jung Hae Min also emerged victorious, but audio issues forced staff to request a rematch. Although Jung Hae Min claimed to have no more strength left, production staff convinced and coerced him into another round with a shortened rope length, which he ultimately lost. These allegations have led to controversy surrounding the show, with an anonymous insider revealing that Jung Hae Min is reportedly discouraged and not associating with Physical: 100 after the show due to what happened on set. MBC, the network behind the show, has refuted the claims, stating that the final game was not done three times, and that the production team is considering legal action against the rumors. Aside from the finale allegations, several contestants on Physical: 100 are now embroiled in controversy. One former national team athlete who appeared on the show has been accused of assault, while another was prosecuted for threatening his ex-girlfriend. Former stunt woman Kim Da Young was accused of being a school bully and issued a formal apology for her actions. A press conference that was scheduled to be held in Seoul with producer Jang Ho Ki, the production team, and winner Woo Jin Yong was canceled due to the finale allegations and contestant controversies. The situation remains fluid as more information may emerge in the coming days.

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