Eiichiro Oda Asked ChatGPT To Write A New Manga Chapter!

The Twitter account of the One Piece staff shared a video of Eiichiro Oda, the creator, taking a plunge into the unknown by requesting ChatGPT, the world's most popular AI chat software, to write a new chapter for the manga series. The tweet described Oda's daring request as "the taboo question," as per Anime News Network. According to a translation by Animehunch, Oda asked the AI for assistance, saying, "I'm stuck on what to do for next week's One Piece chapter, can you come up with a humorous story for me?" In response, ChatGPT crafted a new chapter that features Nico Robin going up against a new antagonist known as the "King of Shadows." This villain possesses the ability to manipulate shadows due to being a Devil Fruit user, and has kidnapped the crew's doctor and mascot, Tony Tony Chopper.

chatgpt one piece

As the Straw Hats struggled against the King of Shadows, Robin remembered an encounter with the legendary "Shadow Tribe" and sought their aid. With their assistance, the Straw Hats emerged victorious and rescued Chopper, bringing an end to the conflict. When Oda expressed his disappointment with the chapter's dullness, ChatGPT took a bold new approach and crafted a Studio Trigger-esque storyline. In this narrative, the Straw Hats helped an extraterrestrial, battled an evil witch, and restored the star of the alien's home planet. Oda was delighted with the creative storyline and exclaimed, "Thank you! That's exactly what I'll do!" However, with the prospect of Lord Eneru's return, the future remains uncertain.

This isn't Oda's first interaction with AI; in December of the previous year, he had an AI "draw" an illustration of Cipher Pol agent Rob Lucci. The outcome was amusingly unexpected as the AI reimagined Lucci as an adorable anime girl. Oda found this hilarious and even drew an illustration of protagonist Monkey D. Luffy reacting to the "new" Lucci.

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