What to expect In One Piece Manga 1077

One Piece fans are eagerly anticipating the release of chapter 1077 following the official release of chapter 1076 over the weekend. However, they will have to wait a while longer as the series is on break this week. As a result, the spoiler process for chapter 1077 will also be delayed by a week, leaving fans with no reliable means of discovering what the upcoming issue will entail until its official release.

Despite the lack of reliable information, fans can still anticipate a few key plot points that may be covered in One Piece chapter 1077.

One Piece Manga 1077 Updates

As One Piece fans eagerly await the release of chapter 1077, many are speculating that it may finally reveal the identity of the Vegapunk traitor. The chapter is expected to feature the activation of more Seraphim, which may lead to the unmasking of this mysterious character.

One Piece fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming release of chapter 1077, which is expected to reveal the identity of the Vegapunk traitor. One piece of evidence pointing towards this reveal is Dr. Vegapunk's imprisonment alongside the missing Cipher Pol agents in a secret prison on Egghead Island. The fact that Dr. Vegapunk is unaware of their presence further supports the possibility of a traitor. In the previous issue, it was established that Dr. Vegapunk and the Cipher Pol agents can communicate with each other, which may lead to the disclosure of their captor's identity. Whoever the agents name as their captor is likely to be the Vegapunk traitor since Dr. Vegapunk is ignorant of the prison's existence. Alternatively, One Piece chapter 1077 may reveal the traitor in a different way. With all the Vegapunks either searching for Dr. Vegapunk or accounted for, the traitor could turn on their group, adding further complications and stakes to the Egghead Island arc's climax. This would be an exciting way to reveal the traitor while also adding an element of unpredictability to the story.

In One Piece chapter 1076, Nami was heard screaming in the opening section, leading some to speculate that the Vegapunk traitor may have already revealed themselves. While Vegapunk Edison, the Vegapunk Satellite with Nami, is considered an unlikely suspect, it is possible that another Vegapunk has broken away from their group and turned traitor.

In addition to the expected traitor reveal, One Piece chapter 1077 is also anticipated to introduce the remaining Seraphim. These recreations of former Shichibukai are based on only four out of the eleven total Shichibukai title holders in the series thus far.

However, not all eleven former Shichibukai are expected to be represented in Pacifista form. Fans predict that S-Bat Seraphim representing Gecko Moria, S-Mingo Seraphim representing Donquixote Doflamingo, and S-Croc Seraphim representing Crocodile will appear alongside the four already seen.

Fans have deduced that S-Mingo and S-Croc will likely be revealed as Seraphim models in One Piece chapter 1077, based on the fact that both Doflamingo and Crocodile were imprisoned in Impel Down before the events of the chapter. Dr. Vegapunk's experimentation with Devil Fruit recreation using Impel Down prisoners provides the perfect opportunity for him to recreate their respective Devil Fruits.

Gecko Moria's inclusion as a Seraphim model also makes sense, as he is one of the original seven Shichibukai and has an animal motif in his design. While some might argue that Buggy the Clown would also be a good candidate, his current status as a Yonko likely rules him out as a Seraphim.

Additionally, One Piece chapter 1077 may end with an update on the whereabouts of Kizaru's fleet in relation to Egghead Island, as the latest official release confirms that over 100 ships are on their way. However, all of these predictions are speculative, as there is no confirmed spoiler information available for the chapter at the time of writing.

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