What to Expect from One Piece Chapter 1075: Anticipated Major Revelations

Anticipated Major Revelations in One Piece Chapter 1075: Wapol to Unveil Information About World Government and More

1. Bonney's Further Exploration of Kuma's Memories One Piece chapter 1074

Bonney finally accessing her father Kuma's memories, leading her to a "Memory World." In the previous chapter, we saw a young Bartholomew Kuma being mistreated and crying for help, leading to Bonney breaking down in tears.

In chapter 1075, it is expected that Bonney will delve deeper into Kuma's memories to uncover the truth about his past. This could shed light on why Vegapunk can't turn Kuma back to normal and how he became the Tyrant of the Sorbet Kingdom.

Kuma's memories hold immense value as they may contain crucial information about the Revolutionary Army, Monkey D Dragon, and the Lunairan Race. Given Kuma's close association with the World Government, his memories may also expose some of their hidden secrets."


Anticipated Major Revelations

2.Anticipating an Epic Battle between Zoro and Luffy vs. Saturn and Kizaru

Chapter 1073 hinted at the arrival of Saturn and Kizaru on Egghead Island, heightening fans' excitement for a major confrontation between the Straw Hats. However, chapter 1074 focused on a more self-contained story and left out these two characters.

This has sparked speculation that in chapter 1075, we will see Saturn and Kizaru finally reaching Egghead Island and facing off against Monkey D Luffy and his trusted swordsman, Zoro. Oda's decision to isolate the two Straw Hats from the rest of the crew in chapter 1074 suggests that he may have something special in store for them.

Since the Wano arc, Luffy and Zoro have reached new levels of strength, and this could be their chance to put their power to the test against an admiral and a Gorosei member.

The fact that Jay Garcia Saturn has come to deal with Vegapunk personally implies that he has some hidden power that would play a crucial role in facing a Yonko-level crew like the Straw Hats. He could also be the secret weapon that Kizaru mentioned earlier. So seeing them battle against Luffy and Zoro is sure to be an exciting event.

3. Wapol may reveal a critical secret about the World Government

Wapol, who is seen hiding with Vivi on Big News Morgan's ship in Chapter 1074, has generated speculation among fans regarding his connection to the assassination of Im and Nefertari Cobra. His erratic behavior hints at the possibility that he may have witnessed something that could pose a threat to his life.

Chapter 1075 could provide an opportunity for Wapol to spill the beans about what he knows. He may share the information with Morgan and Vivi, which could give insight into the reason behind Cobra's murder at Levely. This could bring to light a major secret about Im and the World Government, and potentially alter the course of the story.

4. Kuma's motivation for continuing his ascent up the Red Line.

Despite being repeatedly shot down by the Marines in recent chapters, Kuma persists in his attempts to reach Mariejois. This repeated failure has been a source of heartbreak for fans, who have struggled to understand the reasons behind his relentless pursuit of the Holyland, where he was once kept as a slave.

For many chapters, fans have been eagerly awaiting answers to Kuma's motivations. Finally, in chapter 1074, it seems that Oda is starting to shed some light on Kuma's past. This has led fans to speculate that chapter 1075 will reveal the secrets behind his actions.

Many believe that Kuma's actions are connected to his past and that the truth will be revealed to Bonney in chapter 1075. One theory suggests that Kuma has an auto-destruct mechanism that will activate if he tries to flee from Mariejois after a certain amount of time.

5. The identity of Vegapunk Pythagoras's attacker being disclosed.

The attack on Vegapunk Pythagoras in chapter 1074 has served as a major indication that there is a traitor among the Strawhats on Egghead Island. While some fans have speculated that Vegapunk Shaka is responsible for the attack, others are still convinced that the culprit is Vegapunk Lilith.

Vegapunk Pythagoras collects and analyzes data for future reference, making him a valuable asset to whoever wants to undermine the Strawhats. This has led many fans to speculate that the traitor will be exposed in chapter 1075, with Oda preparing for a shocking reveal.

6. Garp's arrival at Hachinosu.

In One Piece chapter 1071, we saw Garp make a bold declaration of his intent to take on the Blackbeard Pirates and rescue his subordinate, Koby. However, it is unlikely that Oda will revisit this storyline in chapter 1075, as there are many important events taking place on Egghead Island.

Despite this, Oda is known for leaving One Piece chapters on cliffhangers, which only increases the anticipation of fans for the next chapter. Therefore, it is possible that in One Piece chapter 1075, we may see Garp finally reach the pirate island of Hachinosu, the base of the Blackbeard Pirates, setting the stage for his confrontation with the Ten Titanic Captains or even Aokiji.


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