Reo Mikage

Reo is the heir of the Mikage Corporation, with his total assets valued at 705.8 billion yen or $6.8 billion dollars. Prior to entering Blue Lock, he was a student at an elite high school, where he met his first long term friend, Seishiro Nagi, and he started playing soccer shortly after with him due to Nagi's amazing skills and Reo's craving to go further in football. Being a young man with everything, his one and only desire is to win the Football World Cup.

When he first arrived at Blue Lock, Reo was a member of Team V and arguably the second best player in his designated stratum. He played as a centerback for the Blue Lock Eleven against the Japan U-20 and currently plays as center midfielder for Manshine City in the Neo Egoist League.



  • Box-to-box midfielder: Box-to-box midfielders help with almost every aspect of the game. They need immense stamina as they need to cover most areas of the pitch, as well as some degree of passing skills. They would be up one end of the pitch assisting the attack one moment then back helping to defend around their own penalty area the next. They normally play as central midfielders but any of the midfield players may have this attribute.

For all of the teams he has played with, Reo acts an anchor and starting point for all major plays his team performs and is a great player who is good at organizing plays based on knowledge of the player's on the field and his experience in football. After playing the Japan U-20 and training with England's Manshine City, Reo has incorporated all the skills he has learned from the positions he has played into a singular style that make him a strong and variable player who can start any kind of play.


Dexterity: Despite not being involved in soccer from a very young age, Reo is very skilled at all aspects of the sport. He has excellent passing, shooting, dribbling, and ball control capabilities (among other skills). He also has high physical capabilities, with good stamina and speed. He is a well-rounded and excellent player, being considered as a 'Jack of All Trades'. On many occasions, it has been stated that if most people in Blue Lock have low skill levels in some of their stats and extremely high skill levels in other areas, then Reo has nearly perfect stats across the board.

The Chameleon: Using his all-rounder skills, excellent soccer abilities and sense, and his 99/100 stats across all his various skills, Reo is able to emulate the abilities that other players have demonstrated. Reo uses his nearly perfect skills to be able to understand how others, who are specialized in certain areas, are able to produce certain abilities. Using this understanding, he is able to recreate these abilities on his own. The only downside of this ability is that Reo can only copy skills and abilities that are within his physical capability and that are not a natural physical talent such as Ryusei Shido's extreme physical moves or Hyoma Chigiri's insane speed.

  • Long Pass: Copied from Meguru Bachira.
  • Gyro Shot: Copied from Kenyu Yukimiya.
  • Total Defence: Copied from Oliver Aiku.
  • Physical Pressure: Copied from Kazuma Niou.
  • Trap Shot (Pass): Copied from Seishiro Nagi.

Neo Chameleon Strike Mode: Taking his Chameleon Style one step further, Reo uses his nearly perfect skills to copy high level plays that allow Reo to move as a striker and score his own goals. He flawlessly steals the ball, breaks through the defense of Bastard Munchen, and almost scores a goal using this new style in the Neo Egoist League in the first minutes of a game.

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