Miorine Rembran

She is an attractive and academically distinguished second-year student in the management strategy department at the Asticassia School of Technology, and the only daughter of Delling Rembran, the president of the Benerit Group and chairman of the school's board.

Personality and Character

Miorine has shown an interest in gardening in her spare time, with an apparent focus on tomatoes.


A.S. 122

Prior to the beginning of the series, she was forced to become engaged to Guel Jeturk due to the rules her father set up for the academy which dictated that the highest ranking duelist would be her fiancĂ©. In an attempt to escape the school colony, Miorine was waiting for her pick up in space outside until she was “rescue” by Suletta in Aerial. In anger, she head butted Suletta for interfering with her escape and told her that the responsibility falls upon her.

After the event of Guel’s duel, Miorine arrived in front of a greenhouse which she own. At that time, Suletta appeared behind her to say thanks for saving her.

As Miorine gathers seeds, she notice Suletta is still at the front entrance to her greenhouse which she replied to her not to enter. At that time, she could help but notice that Suletta’s growl from her stomach. She offer a tomato to her to eat. While talking, Miorine mentioned that the tomato she grew was from her mother indicating that her mother grew those special tomatoes. The two connected and Miorine offers to give Suletta a map to help guide to her dorm. Unfortunately Guel and his group came to Miorine arriving at her greenhouse. Guel offered his idea to Miorine to have her stay at his Jertek house so that she cannot escape and getting ideas going to Earth. But when Miorine disrespect Guel inside the greenhouse

Miorine stole Aerial to duel Guel on her own terms but unable to pilot the mobile suit very well. After being pushed back and forcefully pushed off an edge of a hill Suletta came to the rescue by reclaiming Aerial and fighting the duel for Miorine. Both Suletta and Miorine argue inside the cockpit of Aerial and they are unaware that the communication system activated allowing other students to hear them.

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