Hathaway Noa

Hathaway Noa is a character from the Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - Beltorchika's Children novel and the protagonist of the sequel Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash.

Personality and Character

He saw the Alpha Aziel approaching towards Beltorchika's damaged Re-GZ. Without a choice, he sniped the MA and hit the cockpit directly, killing Quess on the spot.

After the war, Hathaway majored in botany and thus gained a special privilege as a researcher that he can travel between space and Earth freely. He, however, seeing the corruption that is going on and how the Federation officials are more than greedy and selfish, attempting to use the Earth as their own paradise, decided to join the terrorist group supported by the mysterious Quack Salver (though not clarified, but he's most likely a high rank official), Mafty. He adopts a new name, Mafty Navue Erin and became the leader. Hathaway has a friend-foe relationship with Kenneth Sleg, who first met him on the hijacked shuttle. Their rivalry was ironically too friendly to be considered as archrivalry, as except on battlefield, these two treated each as best friends, and they felt honored to have such intelligent/skilled friends. Even before Hathaway was executed, Kenneth said to him that they always were and will be friends.


Mafty Uprising
Hathaway majored in botany after the Second Neo Zeon war. The war, however, did not simply end for him. He felt extremely guilty for killing his first love Quess Paraya, and yet he was treated as a Federation Hero and was praised for his actions, as no one can possibly imagine a teenager was able to shoot down a massive Newtype MA. The Federation was getting more and more corrupt every year and they sent out hunters to simply deport illegal space immigrants to some mining colonies for harsh labor, and sometimes even normal citizens. The Earth gets less and less populated as more and more people were forced to move to space. Realizing the corruption within the Federation government, Hathaway joined Mafty with a clear statement that their goal is to eliminate the corrupt officials.

Being a botanical researcher, Hathaway gained the special privilege of traveling freely between Earth and space. He used this privilege to help further the activities of Mafty. During his time in space, he visited the Anaheim Electronics factory and tested the new prototype, RX-105 Ξ Gundam. The novel starts with Hathaway traveling back to Earth on the luxury shuttle Haunzen, full of high ranking Federation officials (possibly because of his father). His goal was to continue his plan to assassinate corrupt Federation officials along with how to receive the Xi Gundam after AE sends it down. On the shuttle he would meet two important people in his life, mistress of a wealthy merchant, Gigi Andalucia and Colonel Kenneth Sleg. After entering the atmosphere, the shuttle, however, was taken over by three hijackers, claiming that they are Mafty (even though they are really just supporters and more ironically, Mafty Navue Erin - Hathaway Noa himself was held as hostage by these three). Gigi soon shouted that the Mafty Navue Erin is fake, and for a moment with the hijackers' attention away, Hathaway took all three of them out, saving everyone including Kenneth. The officials thanked Hathaway afterwards, and Hathaway and Gigi were to be settled at a luxurious hotel.

The terrorist attack, however, put a wrench to Hathaway's intended meeting with his subordinates in Mafty as he was now forced to stay at Davao base instead of heading to Hong Kong as planned. As a result, Civet Anghern, Gawman Nobil, and Raymond Cain used their Messer to attack the outskirts of Hathaway's hotel to give him an opportunity to slip away from the military. Ultimately, Hathaway remained in the hotel with Gigi as the strike force was intercepted by Lane Aime's RX-104FF Penelope Gundam, who quickly captured Gawman who would be placed under brutal and intensive interrogation.

While Hathaway criticized Sleg for his harsh methods, Sleg warned Hathaway not to get embroiled in military affairs as a civilian, and that allowing Mafty to grow would make them a legitimate threat to the government in spite of his understanding of the sentiments regarding the decaying Federation. Hathaway would also learn that the Kimberly unit was stationed nearby to monitor Gawman as he Gigi was left with Kenneth, who mistakenly believed her to be a contact of Mafty.

Using the cover of night, Hathaway slipped out on his own and regrouped with his fellow members. Having been able to gauge the strength of the Penelope as well as the brashness of its pilot, Hathaway moved out to seize a special cargo from Anaheim Electronics. After taking it, however, the Kimberly unit, now renamed as Circe Unit, arrived to intercept Mafty, but Hathaway entered the cockpit of the RX-105 Ξ Gundam and issued a warning to the Federation forces not to engage him or face death. Once the initial task force was dealt with, Hathaway would engage Lane for the first time.

Upon learning that Gawman was held as a hostage by Lane should the battle not go their way, Hathaway successfully played into Lane's pride and sense of honor, claiming that he was little more than a coward by hiding behind a hostage. As he expected, Lane felt greatly slighted by these remarks and promptly released Gawman back to Hathaway before resuming their battle. Hathaway would eventually prevail, crashing the Penelope on the sea before making his getaway with Gawman in tow.

A few nights later, Hathaway would be contacted by the Oenbery group of Mafti asking for them to join together. In spite of the group's overly violent methods, Hathaway consents due to their organization's lack of manpower. Hathaway would soon meet Oenbery's leader, Fabio Rivera, who claimed to have outshined Mafty thanks to his anti-Federation beliefs. Nonetheless, Hathaway reveals a cabinet meeting at Adelaide and asks for Rivera's help in causing a disruption, which Fabio agrees to should he be lent a Galcezon. Once the exchange is given, Hathaway's forces begin moving towards Adelaide through Ayer's Rock for its radio towers. While successful, he is startled to have Gigi charge at him with an aircraft due to her desire to see him.

Despite this, he continues with his plan and makes a formal declaration of war against the Federation. He would cite that Earth had already suffered extensively thanks to human overpopulation, and the Federation's recent actions against the planet's sustainability were the prime reasons for this rebellion. He would also boldly warn any official within Austrlia that they were free to flee to Adelaide as a safe zone, but that they would also be fair game for the organization should they leave that safety net.

That night, Gigi would overhear Hathaway sleep-talking about Quess, and Hathaway would reveal that, as he did not show any sign of being a newtype, his only chance for saving the world was to hide behind the mask of Mafty. Soon, Civet would report that the Federation had ignored Mafty's declaration and would continue their cabinet meeting as planned. Seeing little choice, Hathaway ordered a full assault on Adelaide itself.

Hathaway would encounter Lane again, who was spearheading Adelaide's defense against Mafty. Despite Lane's efforts, Hathaway would prevail once more and destroy the cabinet meeting hall. Gawman would be quick to report that some members had fled beforehand, forcing Mafty to pursue them to Adelaide airport.

Mafty would once again be stopped by Lane's forces, who were unable to stop the Ξ Gundam. Though Hathaway would defeat Lane for the final time, this was all part of Sleg's plan, and the Ξ was immediately disabled by the Federation's beam barrier traps. The unconscious Hathaway was taken into custody, whereupon he was sentenced to death without trial by the vengeful Federation's cabinet members. Before meeting his fate, Hathaway lamented of his meeting with Newtypes and his own inability to accept his own limits and weaknesses.

The cabinet members, however, were not content with simply killing Hathaway, but attempted to deliver more "poetic justice" by having the firing squad led by Hathaway's father. In spite of Sleg's attempts to keep the fact that Hathaway was Mafty from Bright, the cabinet members publicly released Hathaway's true identity after the execution as an attempt to further destroy his standing. Ironically, this backfired as Hathaway had now been martyred by their petty attempts at retribution, and was immortalized as growing dissent towards the Federation continued.

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