Michael Kaiser

Kaiser is a prodigy forward from Germany who arrives at Blue Lock in order to participate in the Neo Egoist League as a member of Bastard München. Kaiser is regarded as a genius and is recognized as a member of the New Generation World 11 and is the main striker and ace for Bastard München during the Neo Egoist League.


Clinical Finisher: Clinical finishers are forwards that specialize in their accurate shooting ability. They are "clinical" in that they need few opportunities to score a goal being able to strike and place the ball exactly where it will beat the goalkeeper. They can be identified by their high goal to shots ratio. Clinical strikers usually play as centre forwards though other attacking players can often be said to be clinical finishers.

With an omnipotent vision, high football IQ, the fastest kick speed in the world and a powerful shot to match, Kaiser is the ace scorer for Bastard München. Kaiser is easily able to get into an ideal scoring position, receive any kind of pass, and create space for himself when pressured by the opposition to score effortless and illogical goals.


Professional Football Technique: Kaiser is regarded as a genius player in the professional world of football. He plays football for one of the best teams in the world as the main striker. His skills are highly respected by teammates, opposing teams, club owners, investors, and even the best striker in the world. His skill and technique is so high level that his team's style of play and philosophy revolve around him and his style of play.

Meta Vision: A term used to describe a player's evolved vision that gives them an omnipotent perspective of the field. Using his eyes to constantly take in information from his central and peripheral vision, Kaiser constantly collects data on every player, every play they make, and their positions on the field; mixed with his high football IQ, Kaiser is able to interpret that data and use it to heighten every move he makes to unpredictable levels and find opportunities before others can. This ability escapes the logic of even the most highly advanced football players. Mixed with his other abilities, Kaiser is able to dominate the field creating illogical opportunities born from his vision.

Off the Ball Movements: A term used to describe the moments where players are not in possession of the ball. Kaiser uses these moments to position himself where he can always receive a pass, whether in his opponents’ or teammates' blind spots. When marked by a defender, Kaiser always runs towards the course most troublesome to his opposition and then immediately steps in the opposite direction of their center of gravity to bypass them finding an open position for himself.

Kaiser Impact: Kaiser performs a high level volley that is so fast that it is hard to even see him kick the ball or see the ball go into the goal. Mixed with his Metavision, Kaiser is able to fearlessly score near impossible shots with extreme accuracy. His shot has the speed and power to pass by the heads of five defenders in front of the goal and the goalie with pinpoint accuracy into the goal.

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