Suletta Mercury

She is a second-year student at the Asticassia School of Technology's piloting department, who transferred to the school from Mercury. She is the pilot of the Gundam Aerial developed on Mercury.

Personality and Character

Suletta is timid and somewhat lacks communication skills. She was once an innocent child, and so curious that her parents sometimes didn't know what to do with her. Despite her timidness, Suletta is shown to have strong principles, given her willingness to duel Guel Jeturk over his behavior towards Miorine Rembran, as well her unwillingness to flee during the duel. She also respects people who show courage in going forward rather than running away, even viewing the act of laughing at someone like that as unacceptable.

While Suletta is earnest and hard-working, she is not without weaknesses. Growing up in the isolated Mercury made her pretty much clueless about most subjects taught at school, even the most basics, which she had trouble catching up with the class. Her innocent and straightforward nature can be a weakness as well, as she failed to realize the political machinations happening behind the scene were what made her current school life so difficult and chaotic right now. She can also be fragile and prone to experience mental breakdown: giving up after failing her makeup exam so many times, falling into depression when she believed she wasn't good enough to fulfill the expectation of the people on Mercury, all while not knowing it was due to some other other students's malicious inteference.


On her fourth birthday, she went to the laboratory to get her mother. She came floating towards her mother who left the XGF-02 Gundam Lfrith's cockpit to catch her, and they chatted about the Lfrith—considered the child of all the staff members. Eri concluded she was the Lfrith's big sister. When asked her age by Nyla Bertran, Eri answered that she was four. She and her mother returned home for her party—Eri had helped to decorate. She then put on her birthday hat. Her mother attempted to place a candle on Eri's birthday cake but her GUND stopped working. The party was interrupted as her father had to take a call from Yamaoka, upsetting her.

While her father was busy, her mother had been searching and had found her fork. Eri, however, had since gone back to the laboratory to wake the Lfrith up, as she felt her parents care more about it than her, even on her birthday. Cardo Nabo, who was in the cockpit, overheard and apologised. Cardo explained the importance of the Lfrith in allowing humanity to live in space. Cardo brought her to the cockpit and registered her with the Lfrith by placing her hand on a panel. Ericht vocally inputted her personal data into the Lfrith.

When the alarm rang, her parents met up and her mother was urged to find her while her father went out in the Lfrith (LF-01). Inside the laboratory, flames began to engulf the Lfrith that she was still inside of. Fortunately, her mother found her and closed the cockpit hatch. The Lfrith then had a successful callback from layer 33, much to her mother's shock, it was Ericht Samaya's name on the monitor. After launching, she touched three targets on the monitor whilst her normal suit was connected to the port for her mother's prosthetic arm. Three of the Heingras that she had locked onto were destroyed and her mother watched on in horror whereas she compared the three explosions to candles.

Later, the Lfrith engaged Kenanji's Beguir-Beu. Her father entered firing Beam Vulcans. He rammed his Gundam into the Beguir-Beu. Holding it, he told her mother to escape and live on with her. Her mother complied with his request to flee as the Ulysses fired beams at them. When her father whited out he reminisced about her birthday party earlier. Still holding on, he sung Happy Birthday to Ericht until his last breath. The Beguir-Beu pushed away the motionless Lfrith Pre-Production Model and retreated. She finished the song alone as her father's Gundam exploded.

Life on Mercury

At unknown time after the attack on Fólkvangr, Elnora and Ericht (now under the names "Prospera and Suletta Mercury") arrived at the Mercury orbital base, Pebi Colombo 23. The pair were met with great reluctance by the local mining population, possibly due to the controversy of GUND-ARMs and the actions of Cathedra. With the help of unknown supporters, Elnora began development of the XVF-016 Gundam Aerial with the aid of unknown backers. (Possibly related to the Shin Sei Development Corporation)

But because there were no other children living at the base, and because Elnora's unknown work kept her traveling between planets, Suletta grew up alone with Aerial as the closest thing she had to a playmate and friend. Besides the basic mobile suit software, Aerial also contained a built-in entertainment system containing various television shows, digital books and video games. (The latter could simply be the suit's combat simulator, as only the "shooting" game is mentioned) Suletta became the simulator's second-highest ranked pilot, just under Elnora. (Whether Elnora herself ever piloted Aerial is unknown) As part of her responsibilities as a resident of Pebi Colombo 23, Suletta would often pilot Aerial on missions to rescue stranded miners. Over the years, these rescues earned the mother and daughter the respect of more and more local personnel.

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