Prospera Mercury

Formerly a Vanadis Institute test pilot named Elnora Samaya, she was forced into hiding after the institute was attacked and is currently the CEO of the Shin Sei Development Corporation.

Personality and Character

She was the loving mother of the Samaya family. The attack on Fólkvangr left her with a deep hatred for Delling Rembran, the president of the Benerit Group, who was responsible for ordering the attack as well as the "witch hunt" for all the Gundams. So great is this hatred that she is willing to use her own daughter to get close to Delling through the man's sole daughter, Miorine Rembran, under the ruse of letting her enjoy her life at school.


She lost her right arm when she was younger and was saved by her teacher, Dr. Cardo Nabo. She had it replaced with a prosthetic using the GUND technology. On the day of the attack, she was in the cockpit of the Gundam Lfrith undergoing a Permet link connection test. As no abnormalities were detected in the GUND Format, she managed all the way to layer 32. She failed to call layer 33 and Dr. Cardo Nabo denied her requests to increase the GUND Format score as it was contrary to their test objective. She grew impatient but Cardo ended the test despite her claims that she was not yet in a dangerous range. Dr. Cardo told her to not get so worked up. Eri came floating towards her so she left the cockpit to catch Eri, and they chatted about the Lfrith—considered the child of all the staff members.

She and Eri returned home to celebrate Eri's fourth birthday. While her daughter went and got her birthday hat, her husband inferred she failed to call layer 33 again and blamed the higher-ups for being in a rush to roll out the Lfrith. She attempted to place a candle on her daughter's birthday cake but her GUND stopped working, so she changed the batteries in her right forearm prosthetic. She was grateful to the technology and her teacher for saving her life. The party was interrupted as Nadim had to take a call. While he was busy, she had been searching and had found Eri's fork. Eri, however, had since gone back to the laboratory to wake the Lfrith up, as she felt her parents care more about it than her, even on her birthday. When the alarm rang, Nadim met with her and told her that the council had crossed the line, urging her to find their daughter while he went out in the Lfrith (LF-01).

She found her daughter inside the Gundam Lfrith and closed the cockpit hatch. Upon booting up, it intercepted a message that the enemy had successfully neutralized the lives of Cardo Nabo and all key members. She was saddened by the death of her teacher. The Lfrith then had a successful callback from layer 33, much to her shock, it was Ericht Samaya's name on the monitor. After launching, Eri touched three targets on the monitor whilst her normal suit was connected to the port for Elnora's prosthetic arm. Three of the Heingras that Eri had locked onto were destroyed and Elnora watched on in horror whereas Eri compared the three explosions to candles.

Later, her Lfrith engaged Kenanji's Beguir-Beu. Her husband entered firing his Beam Vulcans before ramming his Gundam into the Beguir-Beu. Still holding onto the enemy unit, he urges to Elnora to escape and live on with Ericht, to which she declared her love for him and complied with his request to flee as the Ulysses fired beams at them.

Life on Mercury

While managing to escape, Elnora was branded a wanted fugitive by the Mobile Suit Development Council. Because of this, she fled to Mercury with Eri, as its remote and sparsely populated environment was perfect to hide out. There, she created new identities for herself and Eri, now going by Prospera and Suletta Mercury. Unfortunately, being outsiders, they were not treated well by the locals.

At some point, Prospera became CEO of the Shin Sei Development Corporation and worked with them to create the successor of the Lfrith, the Gundam Aerial, which was given to Suletta. Unfortunately, her work meant that she regularly had to travel between Mercury and Earth, rarely spending time with her daughter and even missing her 9th birthday. However, after Suletta saved a miner during a cave-in, Prospera contacted her daughter and told her that she was proud of her. She also apologized for missing her birthday but promised to attend her 10th birthday and make it double as fun to make up for it. It would end up being the last time she attended Suletta's birthday.

Over the years, Prospera became obsessed with avenging the Attack on Fólkvangr. Learning that the council president's daughter was attending the Asticassia School of Technology, she hatched a plot to transfer Suletta into the school in hopes that she would get close to her, using her daughter as a pawn for her revenge. Returning to Mercury and reuniting with Suletta, Prospera approached the Aerial and told the intelligent mobile suit about her plan. While Aerial was strongly opposed to her, she did not listen. The next day, Prospera told Suletta that she had arranged for her to attend Asticassia, much to her joy.

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