Rin Itoshi

Rin is the younger brother of Sae Itoshi and started playing football with him at a young age. Rin has played as a forward on every team he was on, always being one of the top players. In Blue Lock, Rin is regarded as the best player until he is officially confirmed to be the #1 player by Jinpachi Ego at the beginning of Third Selection. Rin's main goal is to become the world's best striker. He use to be fixated on defeating his brother in soccer and in turn getting revenge on him for abandoning their shared dream but after the Blue Lock Eleven played against the Japan U-20 he let go of his revenge and decided to change so that he may become the world's best striker, defeating anybody in his path. Rin is an ideal candidate for the type of striker Ego strives to create and after the Japan U-20 match, Rin is ranked as one of the top players in Blue Lock. Rin currently plays as regular on PXG during the Neo Egoist League.



Playmaker: A player who controls the flow of the team's offensive play, and is often involved in passing moves which lead to goals, through their vision, technique, ball control, creativity, and passing ability.

When he was younger, Rin was an instinctual player but being trained and guided by his brother made him develop a notably logical and predictive style of playing. Whether on offense or defense, Rin's playstyle consists of him grasping the abilities of both his teammates and his opponents and forcing out their best plays and abilities, manipulating them in his efforts to score goals for himself.


Superior Football Technique: Rin is one of two players in Blue Lock who has top tier stats, along with Ryusei Shidou. During the Third Selection, he scored an average 2.5 goals a game, which was the highest among the Top 6. His spatial awareness, ball control, power, and kick accuracy are only rivaled by a handful of players. Though Shidou can be described similarly, the thing that makes Rin the best in Blue Lock is his willingness to cooperate with and create chemical reactions with his teammates, while Shidou scores goals completely independently. Rin's experience and techniques are advanced enough that he is able to play the role of captain, act as the focal point for an offense, play in defense and even overcome high-level defenders, using their own strengths against them.

Perfect Kick Accuracy: Rin's primary weapon is his highly accurate kick. His shooting/passing accuracy is near perfect, as demonstrated when he kicked two balls in such a way that they travelled different trajectories, yet still hit each other in mid-air. Rin's kicks are so accurate that he is able to score from long distance; Isagi implied that he could potentially score from anywhere below 35 meters, free kicks and even directly from corner kicks. Even when being physically pressured by players like Shidou Ryusei or Tabito Karasu, he is able to make a pinpoint shot. Oliver Aiku notes that his shot power and accuracy decrease when he uses his left foot, but in most conditions where Rin can get off a shot, it is on target. Rin needs space and range to set up his shooting pattern, the denial of which can result in his shot being off. However, he uses his other weapons to find himself with plenty of both, making him one of the top scorers in Blue Lock.

  • Pinpoint High Speed Free Kick: Rin fires a blazing fast free kick, with incredible accuracy. This free kick was so fast and accurate that it went right over Isagi's head, without giving him a chance to react.
  • Vertical Spinning Direct Shot: A direct shot from the corner spot, which targets the furthest top corner of the goal. This shot can take players off guard if they do not expect it, thought it can be prevented through positioning.
  • Line Drive Shot: Rin attempted to replicate his brother's shot, by dribbling to the byline and using his left foot to fire the ball over the goalkeeper and into the far side netting. However, the decrease in shot power and accuracy meant his shot was saved and hit the post.
  • Jump Shot: After feinting to circumvent an opponent's defence, Rin lifts the ball and performs a jumping roundhouse kick. With this technique, Rin is able to both shoot with frightening accuracy and evade a challenge from an opponent.
  • Blind Shot: Rin takes advantage of the movements of another player to shield the ball from the keeper's vision, before firing a blind shot that the keeper cannot react to in time.
  • Trivela (Shot): A technique wherein which one puts spin on the ball using the outside of their foot. Rin hides his form, to force the assumption that he will shoot with his left foot, before shooting with his right. Rin is able to do this and score from outside the penalty area, as demonstrated against the Japan U-20.
  • Trivela (Pass): A technique wherein which one puts spin on the ball using the outside of their foot. Rin can use this technique to pass the ball, manipulating the opponent into thinking his pass has missed, only for it spin back to its destination.
  • Oppressive Pass: Rin makes a difficult pass to his teammate in order to continue a play. He will usually play this pass into the optimal space for his teammate to retrieve it and return the pass (in the case of Aryu) or into the space where he expects his teammate to breakthrough (in the case of Bachira). This pass, as opposed to a more creative one, challenges the limitations of Rin's team, forcing them to rise to meet his expectations.

Spatial Awareness: Rin analyzes the entire field, including the positions of himself, his teammates and his opponents, in order to determine the best play. Rin's tactical ability and spatial awareness are at such a level that only Isagi can understand, counter, and rival his analytical ability. Rin is routinely able to predict the positioning and movements of other players, including Isagi, setting up traps and baits to lure them into unfavorable positions, intercepting their plays and setting up his own.

  • Spacing: By reading the weapon of his opponent, as well as the positions of other players on the field, Rin spaces himself in such a way as to allow for him to predict and respond to whatever they decide to do.
  • Synchronization: Rin is also able to use his spatial awareness defensively, through reading and understanding the core of his opponent's football he can overlap his thoughts with theirs to predict what they will do next. He used this to halt the combined offense of Sae and Shidou during the U-20 match. However, focusing solely on playing defensively makes it difficult for him to join the offense to score his own goals.

Off the Ball Movements: A term used to describe the moments where players are not in possession of the ball. Rin makes use of these movements to position himself in an opponent's blind spot, as well as to manoeuvre into goal scoring positions. He does this after determining the field of view of the players on the pitch, similar to Isagi.

  • Positioning: Rin has incredible positioning, constantly moving to areas where he can receive the ball in space and still be able to score a goal. If Rin realises that he will not receive a pass, he always positions himself in a place where he would be able to score if he should receive the ball by chance. He demonstrated this positioning during the Second Selection, as well as during the U-20 match. Rin also uses this defensively, in combination with his spatial awareness. After using his spacing, Rin gives himself enough room to predict where the opponent will likely break through, then uses his positioning to intercept them.
  • Super-Speed Interlock: By using the movements of another player as a precursor, Rin moves into a position where he can meet a quick cross in an open space. He used this in conjunction with Bachira to score against the Team World Five.

Puppet-Controlling Soccer: Rin's main play style is about controlling and manipulating what his opponent thinks. After identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each player on the field, Rin uses his superior technique, tactical and physical ability to manipulate them into scenarios that will result in a goal. He can do this by using his own abilities against the opponent, or by combining his strengths with his team's. This style of soccer, pushes his team's abilities to their limits and beyond, resulting in highly complex and effective passages of play that often result in a goal.
  • Feints: By positioning himself at a range where he can shoot, Rin manipulates his opponent into thinking he will shoot. This draws in the opponent to attempt a block, before he feints in order to bypass them. Rin can also use this in reverse. By changing his form and hiding his motion he fools his opponent into thinking he won't shoot, before he does.
  • Marseille Turn: After manipulating his opponent into thinking he will perform a regular feint, Rin transitions into a roulette, to get around their defence.
  • Elastico Nutmeg: Rin knocks the ball sideways with the outside of his foot, in order to force a challenge from his opponent, before using the inside of his foot to push the ball between their legs and get past them. He used this to get past Sendo.

Flow State: Flow, as described by Ego, is the state of "total immersion" or "being in the zone". It is the mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

  • Opposite Acceleration: When facing someone with speed as their weapon, Rin knocks the ball to the side, in order to bait their acceleration forward, before he suddenly accelerates in the opposite direction, nutmegging them in the process. He used this to get by Neru.
  • Off the Ball Movements: When facing someone with off the ball movements as their weapon, Rin will cross them multiple times to get in behind, before using his hand to prevent them from turning around to stop him. He used this to get by Darai.
  • Centre of Gravity Full Burst: When facing someone with core strength as their weapon, Rin will force a physical pressure duel, knocking the ball up as bait. When they charge in, Rin will shift to stance with a low centre of gravity, to break their balance, using their own charge against them. He used this to get by Niou.

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